Climate change and Senator Mark Kirk

Thank you for publishing an article by Robert and Sonia Vogl about Sen. Mark Kirk’s position on climate change (“Climate change and U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk,” Jan. 21-27 issue). It’s amazing how much public opinion and political will can help a senator take a position on an issue that has had our country tied up in knots.

I’m sure Sen. Kirk is glad the public has woken up to the seriousness of global warming, and that supporting climate legislation is no longer threatening to one’s political career.

Kudos to Sen. Kirk for voting today for Sen. Brian Schatz’s amendment asserting that global warming is real and significantly caused by humans. I urge him to work on market-based solutions that charge fossil fuel producers for the harmful emissions their products cause with full rebate of the revenue to the public.

Judy Weiss
Brookline, Massachusetts

From the Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 2015, issue

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