Illinois Bank & Trust gives $10,000 to Crusader for breast cancer prevention

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The two appear unrelated, but a mammogram appointment and a groundhog share one common characteristic: both appear, or at least should appear, on a woman’s calendar once a year.

Illinois Bank & Trust held a Groundhog’s Day-themed press conference Feb. 2 to announce a record $10,000 donation to Crusader Community Health to help pay for women’s mammograms. The event was complete with a groundhog adorned in pink to signify breast cancer prevention.

We decided to hold the press conference on Groundhog’s Day as a reminder that as often as the groundhog checks for his yearly shadow, so, too, should women regularly schedule their yearly mammograms,” said Illinois Bank & Trust Senior Vice President Gina Caruana.

Illinois Bank & Trust’s Pink Ribbon Debit Card Program, which began in May 2012, allows checking account holders to “Take a Swipe at Breast Cancer” in their local communities. Each time a Pink Ribbon Debit Card is swiped to make a purchase, Illinois Bank & Trust makes a 2.5-cent donation toward breast cancer services in the community.

This is the third year of Illinois Bank & Trust’s relationship with Crusader Community Health, and the $10,000 donation represents the largest annual amount the program has raised so far.

Crusader Community Health will use the funds donated by Illinois Bank & Trust to pay for mammograms and breast cancer prevention for those who could not otherwise afford them. The donation comes as a result of proceeds from Illinois Bank & Trust’s Pink Ribbon Debit Card.

Vicki Beck, CNM and director of Women’s Health at Crusader Community Health, noted the impact of the partnership with Illinois Bank & Trust.

We are so grateful to Illinois Bank & Trust for their continued support of the Pink Ribbon Campaign,” Beck said. “This program has truly made the difference for the 177 Crusader Community Health patients who may have been able to obtain their mammogram without worrying about a co-payment for their clinical breast exam, which may have been the difference between seeking health care for themselves and putting food or providing some necessity for their family. Thank you.”

Mammograms are important in allowing early detection of breast cancer, which significantly increases a woman’s chance of successfully fighting the deadly disease. In 2015, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 292,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer nationwide. Early detection is crucial for the survival of those who will receive a diagnosis.

We’re extremely proud to partner with an organization such as Crusader Community Health that ensures those who can’t always afford preventative health care services don’t go unnoticed,” Caruana said. “With this donation, Crusader will provide tests such as mammograms for women who may have never had that opportunity before. These tests help save lives. To make that possible for women in our community is a great feeling for our entire organization and our customers.”

Posted Feb. 2, 2015

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