Literary Hook: ‘Nightwalk’: Lyrical phrasing, repetition and romantic narration

Christine Swanberg
Christine Swanberg

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

Here is a poem by Linda Melville. It has lyrical phrasing, interesting use of repetition, and a romantic narration that we can all relate to.

By Linda Melville


Walk deep

into the dark

where wind-torn trees

shower down leaves

to cushion our steady footfalls


Raise both arms

sweep stars

across and aside and around

scrape our brittle fingertips across black canvas


Breathe shattered ebony air

betraying winter’s stealthy approach

Come along

Hold on tight with your tattered mitten

Lengthen your stride as I shorten mine

Walk through the night with me

Linda Melville grew up on the southwest side of Chicago and came to Rockford as a student teacher at Carlson Elementary, where she taught for the next 39 years. Writing has always been important in her personal and professional life, whether practicing the craft or sharing her passion with students.

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet. She received the Lawrence E. Gloyd Community Impact Award at the 2012 Rockford Area Arts Council State of the Arts Awards.

Posted Feb. 3, 2015

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