Abuse of Palestinian people by USA-supported Israel

I am very concerned about conflicts in the Mideast. I feel that USA’s image there is very negatively influenced by USA’s meddling there by supporting Israel, sanctioning Iran, etc. This influence has a long-term impact upon people’s memories and convinces some to join organizations, good or bad, which oppose USA and Israel.

The creation of Israel after 1948 by locating unwanted Jewish people and continually forcing Palestinians from their long-held homes, farms and land, and the continual abuse of Palestinians, occupation and destruction of homes, farms and businesses and expanding and building Israeli structures upon Palestinian land is an international crime. The Hamas government was elected by the Palestinians only because they wanted a strong opposition to Israel’s abuse.

The USA, USSR, U.K., France and China have had veto power in the United Nations. On matters concerning the fair treatment of Palestinians by Israel, the USA has nearly always vetoed resolutions, even though other countries except Israel have supported the fair treatment resolutions. A list of U.N. Resolutions vetoed by USA can be found with this link: http://www.krysstal.com/democracy/whyusa03.html. Note that USA vetoes of resolutions concerning Israeli abuse of Palestinians and others are more than those of any other matter.

Heavily-financed lobbying of Congress and the media by Jewish, Israeli, Zionist and other folks have influenced the USA to allow this criminal treatment of many folks in the Mideast and has resulted in the deaths of many tens of thousands. Many of Israel’s international crimes go unreported in USA media.

I feel that USA should stop support of Israel, especially military, and should halt all economic sanctions against Iran. Note that Israel has nuclear weapons that are not subject to any international inspection.

News this morning said that USA will stop any aid to Palestinians if they seek resolution of Israeli crimes in the International Criminal Court. Need we say more? Please vote to stop support to Israel for the sake of peace.

Ed Schott

From the Feb. 4-10, 2015, issue

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