Abuse of Palestinian people by USA-supported Israel

I am very concerned about conflicts in the Mideast. I feel that USA’s image there is very negatively influenced by USA’s meddling there by supporting Israel, sanctioning Iran, etc. This influence has a long-term impact upon people’s memories and convinces some to join organizations, good or bad, which oppose USA and Israel.

The creation of Israel after 1948 by locating unwanted Jewish people and continually forcing Palestinians from their long-held homes, farms and land, and the continual abuse of Palestinians, occupation and destruction of homes, farms and businesses and expanding and building Israeli structures upon Palestinian land is an international crime. The Hamas government was elected by the Palestinians only because they wanted a strong opposition to Israel’s abuse.

The USA, USSR, U.K., France and China have had veto power in the United Nations. On matters concerning the fair treatment of Palestinians by Israel, the USA has nearly always vetoed resolutions, even though other countries except Israel have supported the fair treatment resolutions. A list of U.N. Resolutions vetoed by USA can be found with this link: http://www.krysstal.com/democracy/whyusa03.html. Note that USA vetoes of resolutions concerning Israeli abuse of Palestinians and others are more than those of any other matter.

Heavily-financed lobbying of Congress and the media by Jewish, Israeli, Zionist and other folks have influenced the USA to allow this criminal treatment of many folks in the Mideast and has resulted in the deaths of many tens of thousands. Many of Israel’s international crimes go unreported in USA media.

I feel that USA should stop support of Israel, especially military, and should halt all economic sanctions against Iran. Note that Israel has nuclear weapons that are not subject to any international inspection.

News this morning said that USA will stop any aid to Palestinians if they seek resolution of Israeli crimes in the International Criminal Court. Need we say more? Please vote to stop support to Israel for the sake of peace.

Ed Schott

From the Feb. 4-10, 2015, issue

7 thoughts on “Abuse of Palestinian people by USA-supported Israel

  • Feb 4, 2015 at 7:47 am

    This person seems to have a total misunderstanding of the situation in the Middle East. And obviously is not aware of or supports terrorism from Iran.

    Iran is now partnering with Hezbollah and Hamas to conduct terror on Israel. Even Egypt has recognized Hamas for what it is a terrorist group. There is now quite a war going on between Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood of which Hamas is a branch.

    Few people are aware that when a Palestinian kills an Israeli citizen in a terror attack, their family is taken care of for life and candy is given out. Hamas and with the encouragement of Fatah soft targets such as babies and young children are attacked by the Palestinians. The Palestinians shot over 5,000 rockets at civilians in Israel. In the last few weeks they have murdered a baby and a mother from South America. They have blown up busses and attacked a Synagogue where men were at prayer. Most Palestinians are terrorist under the control of billionaire leaders who are now living in Turkey as they were kicked out of Qatar and Iran who is supplying them with rockets. Hamas murdered over 200 young children while building it terror tunnels and murdered adults because they were afraid they would tell the location. Hamas summarily shot those who had Sims card in the cell phones. Hamas is quickly rearming and using aid money as it did before for armaments and not for the people. We should not be giving the Palestinians any money until they renounce terrorism.

    The ICC is part of the UN. The UN helped Hamas build their terror tunnels by allowing graft and stored rockets in their schools and returned them when discovered. The ICC has been extremely biased in who it looks at, especially in Africa. of 195 countries, only 30 are full members.

    The comments about the establishment of Israel are completely false and I encourage others to learn real history.

    Israel does allow inspections of its nuclear power.

    I feel this article was written for this person as it has shown up basically word for word on other forums.

  • Feb 4, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    The Jews lived in their homeland now called Israel, for thirteen centuries (1200 BCE to 2nd century). The Babylonians conquered it and the Jews lost their homeland (temporarily). Starting in the 1880’s they bought land from absentee land owners and re-established a large Jewish presence back in their homeland. Note: There was always a small Jewish presence in between, especially in Jerusalem. After WW1 the British decided to abandon the area and turned the area over to the UN recommending a large area for the Arabs (now called Palestinians) and the Jews – called Israel. Israel accepted the partition and declared independence in 1948. The Arab world rejected the proposal and has always rejected Israel’s right to exist and tried to wipe it out. The Jews existence and the Arab’s intolerance is the problem – not any specific land demarcation. The Arabs/Palestinians have been offered peace but they are intolerant of Jews. If the Palestinians ever accepted the peace offer the world’s attention would evaporate and the state of Palestine would be just another backward corrupt repressive state like all their Arab neighbors. Israel is the only true democracy with freedom of religion, speech and rule of law.

  • Feb 4, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    David and Susan, THANK YOU for educating Ed in a diplomatic way. I, on the otherhand, would not have been so kind in my words regarding his ignorance. Thank you for being eloquent.

    • Feb 5, 2015 at 3:36 pm

      It is hard to keep your calm when someone espouses such a disgusting anti-Semitic rant, and doesn’t even appear to realize it. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The Jews being “unwanted”? Or the idea that the State of Israel was formed on 100% Palestinian land, and is inhabited only by “unwanted” (European?) Jews? The grossly anti-Semitic claim that Jews run the media and influence world opinion? the idea that what Israelis do the Palestinians is in any way an “international crime”? 60 Palestinians died in the West Bank last year. 60 Muslims died in Iraq just yesterday. Israel is building a few more houses in the West Bank. Russia is invading Ukraine to turn it into Russian territory, killing thousands in the process. Egypt destroys entire Palestinian villages to create a buffer zone. Which is the “international crime”? The JEWISH one, of course, even though it pales in comparison to everything else going on in the world. Oh, and how about the idea that if we stop funding Israel ALL of the world’s problems will end? That is what they have always said about the Jews. Just ask the Jews of Germany, blamed for WW1, or the Jews of France, or the Jews of Spain. What anti-Semites do is have a paranoid delusion of Jews. “If Jews were not here, there would be no conflict in the Middle East.” Um, excuse me?!? The Syrian civil war would end if the Palestinians had a state? Libya would be stable? Lebanon? Egypt? Almost every single word of that piece was anti-Semitism. I’m surprised the editors published it!

  • Feb 5, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    1. It was the British who started the Palestinian problem. Read the history.
    2. Verify the facts before spouting off political rhetoric
    3. Just because information is posted on the internet does not make it fact unless verified by primary source
    4. This article leaves the impression of antisemitic overtones
    5. We do not have all the necessary proofs to truly understand the complexities other than what the media gives us.

  • Feb 6, 2015 at 1:30 am

    lol anti semitism?

    Israel was founded on terror..

    Israel continues to justify it’s terror against Palestinians and all the other ‘evil muslim’ states around them, with the help of Americisrael government..

    Why do Palestinians call 1948 the nakba? ‘disaster’ or ‘catastrophe’

    The Jewish were exiled, scattered, landless until the Messiah returns.. Jesus didn’t even like them, no wonder they had him killed..

    It’s weird how ‘jesus’ wasn’t in my Google dictionary..

    Don’t trust the stiff necked..
    It’s not anti semitic to show your disapproval for a terrorist, like all Muslims are supposed to repent the actions of lone wolves. Israel is not immune to condemnation, never can be.. Palestinians are more semitic than the ashkenazi jews who are stealing their land..

    Wake up America..

  • Feb 6, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    tony your hate is showing. As well as your ignorance. The Jews in Israel are just that Jews. Saying that all are Ashkenazi is plain wrong. It does not matter where they came from though most were from the Middle East after the Muslims drove them out of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran. And before that. The Ottoman Empire told them where they could live, made them and Christians pay a tax, what they could wear, etc. Israel is 25 % Christian, Muslims, Baha’i, Samaritan, Druze etc. Please learn a true history of the area. Jesus was a Jew: Born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died as a Jew. I hope America wakes up to the irrational anti-Jew behavior in the world. The Palestinians by the way are from Egypt and Jordan. They became refugees after selling their land to the Jews and left when promised that Israel would be defeated and they would get their land back. I feel very sorry for Palestinians. Raised on hate and terror and used by Iran and their billionaire “leaders” who recently moved to Turkey from Qatar, they are used as expendable.

    I hope people will learn the real history of the area and not be influenced by the misinformation forced on us.

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