Coroner’s Office: 10 probable overdose cases since Jan. 28

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The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office reported Feb. 4 that since Jan. 28 it has seen 10 probable overdose deaths.

Nine of the overdose deaths are probable heroin cases and one is a probable cocaine overdose.

In a release, Chief Deputy Coroner William Hintz said: “Of course, this is all pending toxicology results. We don’t believe that there is anything out of the ordinary going on, just the fact that this is not going away.”

For those seeking treatment for a loved one struggling with addiction, contact one of the following local agencies (note: many of these programs have waiting lists):

Rock River Narcotics Anonymous — 24-hour helpline: (815) 964-5959; or call toll-free, 1-888-656-7329

Rosecrance — (815) 391-1000

Remedies Renewing Lives — (815) 962-0871

Sojourn House (Freeport) — (815) 232-5121

Mathers Clinic LLC — (815) 397-7654; Intake: (815) 444-9999

Restore Counseling & Recovery — (815) 737-8673

Al Tech Services — (815) 397-3606

Jack Clark’s Family Recovering Community Inc. — (773) 252-2877

Foundations Center — (815) 398-9999; Intake: (815) 637-0509

Restore Counseling and Recovery, Inc. — (815) 708-7392; Intake: (815) 708-8235

KP Counseling Inc. — (779) 368-0060

Quality Addiction Management (Beloit, Wisconsin) — (608) 361-7200; Intake: (262) 549-6600

Mercy Options Behavioral Health Clinic (Beloit, Wisconsin) — (608) 365-2709; Intake: (608) 756-5555 or (608) 756-6545

Beloit Health Systems Counseling Care — (608) 364-5686

Some of the above organizations could also use donations so they are able to reach more of those in need.

Learn more about addiction and where to turn for help at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website,, or call toll-free at 877-726-4727.

Posted Feb. 5, 2015

One thought on “Coroner’s Office: 10 probable overdose cases since Jan. 28

  • Feb 6, 2015 at 10:21 am

    For those seeking treatment for a loved one……….sorry, loved ones cannot get treatment for a loved one. The loved one has to WANT treatment. I am very tired of drug use being considered an illness. It is a CHOICE to use the first time. You cannot become addicted if you don’t USE!! I worked with drug addicts for SEVERAL years and was amazed at how they LOVED to tell everyone that addiction is an illness so they didn’t have to accept responsibility for their own actions. Instead of working a program, they used self-pity to continue using. Of all the clients I served, only ONE wanted to truly get healthy and DID!! He had the worst addiction I had ever come across but he WANTED to get healthy and he worked HARD to overcome his demons. Most addicts don’t WANT to get well. It is too much work. So after many years of seeing addicts, I no longer have any sympathy for them and refuse to spend more energy helping them than they spend fighting their addictions. I DO sympathize with their families tho. Eleven dead is just eleven non-comtributing members of society who bleed the system of money that can well be used somewhere else to help hungry children, the unemployed, and the elderly just to name a few.

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