Pace yourself for a top travel experience

By Robert and Lynn Belles

Independent Vacation Specialists

To “Travel Like and Architect” you will want to travel in an unhurried and relaxed manner. This means NOT getting up in the middle of the night, rushing to get to your airplane, and arriving six to eight hours later at your destination totally exhausted! We have learned two great ways to start your vacation in a positive frame of mind.

First: Book a hotel room, near the airport, with FREE parking for the duration of the trip. The cost of the hotel is about the same cost as just parking.. Our favorite web site is an aggregator of hotels offering airport parking and shuttle with the purchase of a room. We have also learned it is well worth a little extra money to get a COVERED parking deck  so you can return to your car free of snow! A quick 20 minute shuttle in the morning to the airport is better than a 90 minute drive, followed by a 20 minute parking shuttle.

Second: Kick-start your vacation in a stress free, and positive frame of mind, by flying out a day early. In the mid-west snow belt it is best to book a motel in the port city the night before your sailing. Leaving a day early will accommodate most airline weather or mechanical delays. AND, most port cities are warm fun, and vacation destinations themselves. We research the city and find interesting neighborhoods where we can enjoy the people and culture unique to the City.

Furthermore, on a Cruise Vacation, you can board the ship in the morning STARTING your cruise vacation first thing on your departure day. You will be relaxing by the pool, drink in hand as others (having left at 6AM) arrive in the late afternoon, weary and ready for a nap.

Rob and Lynn Belles are owners of Belles Firm of Architecture, a local professional design firm. They are seasoned travelers with family and adult-only international travel experience. They are teaching others what they know about traveling as a family, a couple and as business owners who stay connected with their clients.

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