Spring sporting getaways: Hunting vs. Golf

Should you put down the clubs and pick up your hunting rifle?

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Previously I’ve written a column or two about some of the golf trip offers I get e-mailed to me. They’re usually for Florida, California, Arizona or South Carolina. It’s almost always right around this time of year when they start showing up in my inbox. As appealing as all of them sound, they’re simply out of my price range.

This week someone completely new got my e-mail address and thought I’d be interested in going on some big game hunting trips. They probably weren’t aware that I’m not really a hunter – the last time I went hunting it was for a charity event (Farmers Feeding the Hungry) and we were shooting pheasants, hardly what I would call “big game.”

I was invited to come out to the Western States, including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California and Oregon.

While visiting I could take my pick of elk, antelope, bear, white tail deer, moose, mule deer, caribou and even hogs. This company would take care of all of the details including licensing, lodging, meat processing and even shipping your trophies back home, for an addition fee of course.

I thought golf was an expensive sport; it’s really child’s play when compared to these hunting trips. I’ve seen some decent golf packages (lodging and golf) in the $400 to $600 range for a three day trip. The least expensive hunting trip started at $995. That’s not including any travel expenses. One thing hunting trips and golf trips do have in common is how you get to their location isn’t included in their quoted prices.

This line is directly from their electronic brochure: “We have cow elk meat hunts at only $995, or a trophy buck or Bull elk at about twice that.  Colorado has over 375,000 elk come and take one home…..please. They are eating us out of house and home!”

My question is, if they’re eating you out of house and home why does it cost so much to come and hunt them?

For those of you reading this with far deeper pockets than mine, perhaps you’d be interested in a Colorado elk self-guided (DIY) tour with lodging starts at $1900 or if you want a semi-guided hunt it’s normally $3500. For this special offer it’s been reduced down to only $1995.

“How about a 5 Day Guided Colorado bear hunt with a $1500 trophy fee,” says their website. “Better than a $2000 hunt weather you fill or not.”

I’m figuring then you could use the $500 you saved and splurge on one of those “cheap” golf trips.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these are fun, adventurous and memorable trips. I’d probably have a great time if I weren’t pre-programmed about the money issue.

But I know I’d end up spending the entire trip trying to figure out how much per hour this was costing me and end up missing my one and only shot at Bullwinkle.

If you aren’t programmed the way I am, are a bit mad at your money and would like more information about where to schedule one of these special hunts call 303-776-7528 or visit DiscountedHunts.Net.  

Have a great trip and take lots of pictures!

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