Commentary: Rauner’s minimum wage plan just more of the same from GOP

By Gregory John Campbell
Guest Columnist

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s policy recommendation for increasing the minimum wage in Illinois to $10 per hour over a seven year period is insulting and demeaning to the very workers it proposes to benefit, because no family or worker can live on such a meager wage now, let alone in seven years, coming from a man whose political role is to cement elite privilege over common poverty in Illinois.

Somali Republicans, like Gov. Rauner, have as their sole motives the enhancement of power and acquisition of property over others, because they lack humanity, being what this citizen characterizes as “object beings,” not human beings.

Object beings exist to purchase, own or possess material objects, wealth and power only, treating others in the same manner—as objects to own or property to dispense with—as so much flotsam on the water or cattle in a pen. Accordingly, object beings are not moral in motivation or behavior because they lack the human capacity to be so, and cannot be trusted to serve those who are in any private or public venue.

But what they can be trusted to do is diminish the humanity in our state and nation to secure their personal property, economic privilege and political power over any persons or principles preventing them from doing so, like the social contract morally existing between “the people” and their elected representatives.

But Gov. Rauner is first and foremost a corporate businessman, before he is a human being or a public servant, because business, not public service or humanity, is his range of awareness, and he lacks consideration in dealing with others.

And so it’s to be expected Gov. Rauner would want more prison guards in our state, because he knows his policies are going to impoverish countless more in achieving “fiscal balance”; and because he also knows that desperate people do desperate things when living on the street and starving.

Like all Somali capitalists, endless greed and the lust for power are the only principals behind the Somali reality of Republican politics they use, to abolish the upward middle class mobility our nation once stood for, because their sole intent is to impound as much wealth and power from the middle class as they can through their Somali economic policies and practices. The Koch brothers personify this fiscal “free rape-it” ideological inhumanity precisely.

Today’s Somali Republicans are like the Robber Barons of the late 19th century, and should be understood as the fiscal plunderers who will kill the father, rape the mother, sell the son and keep the daughter to accomplish what they want in Springfield or Washington as political Genghis Khan’s.

And if you think this statement harsh, think of the millions who’ve lost their jobs or homes through Somali (corporate) foreclosure, offshoring and outsourcing, because without these their lives and families have been plundered.

The Illinois pension problem is the result of both political parties failing to meet the fiduciary requirements they pledged they would, to responsible citizen contributors who did, over a 40 year period. And so the Governor will complete the further pauperization of state pensioners by blaming them for policy shortfalls Somali politicians like himself, Democrat and Republican, intended or permitted.

Accordingly, Somali Republicans are skillful at laying-off workers, cutting benefits and social programs and ruining lives because they’re intrinsically Hobbesian, believing men to be more evil than good, like themselves. Such human self-contempt must turn outward then, to disguise what their conscience would never permit if they had one—that they’re not only anti-labor, anti-union and anti-American, they’re also anti-human and Christian.

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