CJ Campbell opens tour at Conveyer

By Emily Sipiora

Independent Ear Records, a local record label, came together with artist CJ Campbell at Conveyor this pastweekend.

The event included a reading from Campbell’s book, “The Zen of Beard Trimming,” live music by Ashton Blake and The Defeated Royals and live storytelling.

The gathering was an official preview of Campbell’s “Love Will Not Be Defeated” tour, which will include a touring band and live readings across the Midwest.

“The Zen of Beard Trimming” is Campbell’s first novel, sold through the local publisher Zombie Logic Press. Copies are available at Phoenix Traders and Culture Shock.

“Signing with Independent Ear back in January has been such a positive thing. They’ve been incredibly supportive with my vision for my craft – so much that they’ve asked me to come on officially on staff as the Director of Marketing and Community Engagement,” Campbell said.

“My first project in my new role is trying to get the ‘Love Will Not Be Defeated’ tour funded through Kickstarter.”

Campbell has big plans in store for the future. Alongside touring, he will be founding a Rockford storytelling foundation.

Titled “The Screw City Storytellers Collective,” Campbell hopes to foster a community of friends that both tell and listen to stories.

Campbell is adamant about storytelling as a craft and he hopes to share it with the Rockford community.

“I am at an exciting and critical point in my career as an artist,” Campbell said. There will certainly be something to look forward to for storytelling in Rockford.

Conveyer, an art gallery, school and production space, is located at 317 W. Jefferson St. For more information visit conveyer.co.


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