47 traitors to us all

By Gregory John Campbell
Rockford Resident

‘But, when the people’s representatives who are elected to government express their feelings and desires without regard to self-control, insist on their own independence without responsibility for their words and acts, deprive others of their rights by coercing them to do what they are told to do, and change the meaning of law and justice to be the accomplishment of what they will, then, whatever else the polity or form of that civil government may be, it is not democracy.”

—H.W. Percival, “Democracy Is Self-Government”

The above quote eminently characterizes the political failure of both parties in our nation today. That being said however, the Republicans have taken this political irresponsibility to new depths, believing themselves sufficient to bypass the President, Congress and the American people in establishing foreign policy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For this is not their role, as the Logan Act specifies, but only the Presidents in negotiation with Congress. As such, these Republicans are completely wrong, but use the specious ruse that negotiations are being “rushed” with Iran, not because they are, but because they won’t participate, as the Republican Party won’t negotiate with the president, the American people or Iran on anything.

As John Dean indicates in his book, “Broken Government,” Republicans are not concerned with “governing”; they’re interested in “ruling,” because they and Israel’s Zionists—as demonstrated by Netanyahu’s recent speech—want to unilaterally plunge our nation and the world into conflict with Iran. Mr. Dean labels such dogmatic Republicans “authoritarian conservatives.”

But they are far worse. They are crypto-fascists. Crypto means “hidden.” And a crypto-fascist Republican is one that appears “democratic” publically, while being “despotic” in political purpose and strategy secretly. They support America in “name,” but defeat her in their policy actions. The Democrats do so “culturally.”

But by what moral, legal or human right do these 47 Republicans and Netanyahu have to decide US foreign policy? None; but believe themselves sanctioned to do so. To suggest this is problematic for our nation and mankind is an understatement, and only begins to reveal the dark ideological intent of Republican and Zionist politics in contemporary history. For in doing so, they clearly establish mankind’s destiny as theirs to define, reminiscent of the “Thousand Year Reich.” This is political Darwinism on a neo-global scale, not cooperation.

But now that these 47 Republicans have sent their partisan threat to Iran and the president, this makes negotiations more difficult, and should indicate to the American people, Israeli’s and the world that Republican and Zionist politics are the real threats to global peace and security, not Iran.

Iran is being demonized by the Republican Party and Netanyahu, when they’re the real demons. For if Iran constructed a nuclear weapon, which they haven’t, what good would it do them? Nothing. For within minutes of a nuclear threat from Iran, Iran would be obliterated. Tactically Iran doesn’t stand a chance and isn’t a threat. Therefore, it’s more likely Israel would attack Iran, than Iran would attack Israel.

But attacking Iran would only create a regional crisis fueling greater instability. Yet this is the outcome the Republican Party and Netanyahu want. This is political madness. But as their partisan actions clearly indicate, they could care less; oblivious to the holocaust that would result.

As such then, these 47 Republicans plus Netanyahu are not only traitors to their own countries; they are traitors to us all. For at their command only, irrespective of God, country and humanity, they’d abolish world order to realize their radical hegemonic plans. For our children this cannot happen.

Therefore it behooves us all—American, Israeli and Jew—to remove these political extremists from office as soon as possible, or we’ll face a historical catastrophe that needn’t happen. American and Israeli citizens please note: negotiating with Iran is essential for preserving regional order and encouraging political cooperation. Inform your officials accordingly. Choose what you want to be.

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