What you like equals where to go

By Lynn and Rob Belles
Independent Vacation Specialists

If you have not yet started to “Travel Like an Architect” you may be wondering how to “Blueprint your vacation”.

You need to start with costs and available funds. Since cruising is such a good value you can easily find something that meets your needs. Just $25 a week for a year gets you and another traveling like an architect.

For us the single most important aspect to consider is where to go. No vacation is worth the time and money if you are not rewarded with the experience you deserve.

If you have restrictions on when you can travel this will affect where you can go. We usually travel in the winter as that is when Architect’s work is slower. You simply can’t do an Alaskan cruise then.

Thinking about what you want to do will help determine the where. Do you like walking the streets and gazing at fantastic architecture? Is there a hobby or interest you want to learn more about? Brewing/wine making, textiles or music. Or are you interested in cultures, people and museums?

Once you answer the what you can research where these things happen – i.e., wineries of Mexico, Chile or Hungary.

Pick one or two major whats and start your research. Narrow down the where based on time of year and available funds.

If you have limited funds, Mexico is a great choice.

If you can only travel in the winter, Chile is a better choice than Hungary.

The internet is a great resource, as well as friends, and of course your travel professional (yes, we are biased).

If you enjoy asking questions and doing research you may find “blueprinting your vacation” to be as rewarding as the vacation itself. If you don’t enjoy these things you will have a far better time working with a travel professional that can do this planning with you.

Rob and Lynn Belles are owners of Belles Firm of Architecture a local professional design firm, and the only real Architect Travel Agents known of. They are seasoned travelers with family and adult only international travel experience. They are teaching others what they know about traveling as a family, a couple, and as business owners who stay connected with their clients, even while they are traveling abroad.

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