Response: City has worked in partnership with FOZ

Jim Ryan
Rockford City Adminstrator

We thank Friends of Ziock for their advocacy on historic preservation initiatives in the City of Rockford, and we applaud their efforts.

We take exception to the commentary that we have been a “skeptical administration” when it comes to historic preservation initiatives.

To the contrary, this Mayoral administration, as well as the City Council, have undertaken more proactive historic preservation measures than any other community in the State of Illinois.

In fact, the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has expressly stated that we are the leaders in the State of Illinois when it comes to historic preservation issues and projects.

We pioneered the first-ever state historic tax credit legislation through the River Edge Community legislation, and since passage of this legislation, no other communities have completed-or have planned-more historic preservation projects than the City of Rockford.

When we have reviewed a historic preservation project that has been fully vetted with respect to its ability to be achieved successfully, both financially and consistently with our long-term economic plans, we have moved those projects forward.

As a City Council and Administration, we must always balance economic viability and special interests versus the overall public good and its consistency with City long-term plans and goals.

We are proud of our record in pushing forward historic preservation projects in our community, and our record on historic preservation speaks for itself.

We look forward to tackling future historic preservation projects to promote the proud history of the Rockford community, and look forward to working with our partners, including Friends of Ziock, to make those happen.

Editor’s note: This is a response to an editorial published in the March 25 issue provided by the Friends of Ziock. 

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