Letters: Voters show strong support for Anti-Corruption Advisory Referendum

Voters in Winnebago and DeKalb Counties showed strong support Tuesday for the Advisory Referendum for Anti-Corruption Reform. In DeKalb County the measure received approval from 87 percent of voters and in Winnebago County the measure garnished 84.53 percent approval (with 97.2 percent precincts reporting.)
Local citizens from Represent.Us Rockford succeeded in placing the non-binding question on the ballots in late December by lobbying members of their respective County Boards.  The group’s goal was to document support for the type of reforms embodied in a piece of model legislation known as the American Anti-Corruption Act.
The question appeared on the November 2014 ballot in Genoa township, where it garnished 89 percent support. Since this time it was in a municipal election in a much larger area, the group did not expect to do as well, and are extremely pleased with the results.
“Some people tried to say since turnout is low in municipal elections we shouldn’t be bothering, but we’ve got the die hard voters here, and if 85 percent of them say they agree with this plan, then the politicians better pay attention,” said Jimmy Buckingham, Rockford resident and long-time group member.
The group will use these results to urge legislators to enact Anti-Corruption Act based legislation at the state and local levels of government. The eventual goal is to pass the American Anti-Corruption Act at the federal level.
Elizabeth Lindquist
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