Travel like an Architect: The 10 pound voyage

By Lynn Belles
Independent Travel Specialist

Food is everywhere on a cruise, all the time. The choices are endless. If you are to avoid gaining that extra 10 pounds that you just trimmed off in preparation of your trip you will need a plan and an associated personal commitment. Where most people fail is going on a cruise with an open mouth and no plan or personal commitment.

Our society is so focused on food that when offered in abundance most of us don’t use any self control, we just indulge as if it were our last day on earth. We regret it later – but then what’s done is done. Give yourself a break,  make a plan and stick to it because it matters to you.

When you Travel Like an Architect you will enjoy the healthy gourmet choices every day. You don’t have to give in,  it is actually very easy to eat healthy food in reasonable portions. In fact we find it to be the easiest place to stay on target and eat well because someone else is doing all the work. Our best tip for eating well is to eat in the dining room as often as possible and stay away from the buffet.

In the dining room you can order as much as you want but the food will arrive in artfully arranged perfect portions. If you have special dietary needs you can request that your travel professional tag your booking with those ahead of time. We always request gluten free. When you arrive at the dining room for the first time your needs will be confirmed and your dedicated server will detail your preferences to make sure everything is perfect for the duration of your trip.

Our favorite onboard snacks are fresh cut fruit and popcorn. You can make your own veggie tray at the salad bar,  or even have an occasional sugar-free dessert. When you come home without that extra baggage  you won’t have to beat yourself up and start over with your weight loss plan.


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