Cruise with your kids because it’s safe, convenient, educational & affordable

By Lynn and Rob Belles
Independent Vacation Specialists

What do you worry about when that thought enters your mind? You know the thought of taking your kids on a cruise.

If you’ve never cruised you might think, Oh my gosh, no. They might fall overboard.

If you have cruised you might think, No way, it would cost a fortune. Traveling with kids isn’t easy  but it is most rewarding.

Kids learn from travel  and you don’t even have to teach them anything, it just happens. And the third and fourth persons in a stateroom are always drastically reduced, in some cases free.

The most valuable thing kids learn is that things are not the same as they are at home. This concept although it might seem unimportant is actually huge. Just think for a moment about things you know of that are different abroad. Yes, they teach these things in social studies  but we know from experience that there is no substitute for being there.

Traveling on a cruise does not require any more attentiveness on your part than normal.. The ship is totally safe, surrounded by a glass guard rail, it simply wouldn’t be possible for anyone to go overboard accidentally. You won’t have to cook or do anything while tending to your kids, and I am sure you already know how to keep track of your kids in a public place. A foreign country or the ship would be no different than a family outing at home. Good basic rules for staying together and you will be all set and ready to rock the world.

Cruising is uniquely convenient because it is like a moving hotel. Just move in once, then experience something different every day. Blueprint your trip well, bring everything you need,  include some good common sense and you’ll be all set to see the world in a more meaningful way with your kids.

The coolest part is that the ship has satellite communication with land at all times, in fact you can even use your own phone. There is a security team to assure your safety, there are child care professionals so that you can get a break, and there is even a doctor, nurses and treatment rooms on board. Just this week, a passenger that became ill during his voyage, was airlifted from the ship to a hospital.

When we asked our daughter for her top three travel memories, here is what she said:

“Monkey stealing my pencil – taking it up in the tree. (She was carrying a notebook and pencil.)

“Running into a friend from high school walking down the street in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Hobbling around the Roman Forum in a fracture boot. (Unplanned misfortune days prior to departure.)”

I will ask her what she learned from each of these for another column coming soon.

Rob and Lynn Belles are owners of Belles Firm of Architecture a local professional design firm, and the only real Architect Travel Agents known of. They are seasoned travelers with family and adult only international travel experience. They are teaching others what they know about traveling as a family, a couple, and as business owners who stay connected with their clients, even while they are traveling abroad.

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