Letters to the Editor; The Kinzinger Doctrine

By John M. Stassi
Rockford, IL

“U.S. foreign policy is not logical.” That’s how Congressman Adam Kinzinger ultimately rationalized his own illogical views on U.S. policy towards Iran, Israel and the enforcement of international law during a townhall meeting in Rockford on May 4.

For example, when I asked if the U.S. should insist that Israel ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and dismantle their own huge nuclear arsenal as part of any deal to enforce that international law against Iran, Kinzinger said no.

When I told him that although Israel vehemently opposes a nuclear-armed Iran, it gladly offered to sell its own nuclear bombs to apartheid South Africa in 1975, he shrugged it off.

When I suggested that if he supports the enforcement of international law as a critical U.S. foreign policy objective, then he ought to call for imposing sanctions against Israel until it complies with the Fourth Geneva Convention and dismantles its illegal West Bank settlements, he rejected that idea.

Finally, I asked him what sense it makes to give $3 billion every year to Israel when the National Security Agency has ranked it as the third most aggressive espionage threat against the U.S. behind only Russia and China.

That’s when our congressman announced what I call “The Kinzinger Doctrine.”

If U.S. foreign policy is not logical, then it is only because it is concocted by illogical politicians like Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger is keen for the U.S. to go to war to enforce his contradictory views of the world, which would transfigure the irrational into the immoral. Does that prospect frighten anyone besides myself?

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