Rockford proposes to regulate private use of property

From the Rockford Apartment Association

Do you own a home in Rockford? Have you ever had a guest or family member live with you?

A proposed change in the law may affect you.

The City of Rockford is taking control over private property in a way that no city, of which we are aware, has done before. If a law being proposed is approved by the city council, property owners will be required to register with the city if they let a person who is not one of the legal owners of the property live with them or in any other property they own.

This applies to non-rental situations. No money needs to be exchanged for the registration requirement to apply. If you let a parent, adult child, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other person live with you, then you must register with the city or face a fine of up to $750 for each day you have let a person live with you while not registered.

Sound extreme? There is more.

Once you are registered, this proposal would expose you to more penalties if your property is determined to be a nuisance. The proposal defines nuisances as presence of mice, weeds, public drinking, and barking dogs. There are already laws on the books to address these issues. This law adds another layer of government regulation and fines and strengthens the city’s ability to punish you without court intervention.

This proposal has passed a city council committee and will be considered by the full council as soon as Monday May 18th. The council meets at 5:30 at city hall. If this proposed law concerns you then attend that meeting.

If you can’t come to the council meeting then please call your alderman and discuss their vote on the law.

Use this link to find the contact information for your alderman:

Read the follow up from the Rockford Apartment Association.

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