The end of civilization—growth capitalism

By Gregory John Campbell

“…We sacrifice our time, our families, our children, our forests, our seas and our land on the altar of the market, the god to whom we owe our deepest allegiance…”

The tee shirt read: “I’m not anti-social—I’m anti-stupid,” which is the functional reality of microculturalism, puritanical correctness, false liberalism, counterfeit conservatism, neoconservatism, neoliberalism and counterfeit Christianity in America today—stupid.

For this statement illustrates how our nation became a Petri dish where anything grows, when it’s most popular medium produces a stupid post-apocalyptic movie wherein there are no rules or humanity, and where a “dog eat dog” “survival of the fittest” reality prevails amongst a phalanx of sociopathic warlords, murderers, rapists, traffickers, opportunists and anti-hero dominatrix feminists who can fight and rut as well as their chauvinist/capitalist men. In other words, America.

For it shows we aren’t a “civil nation,” because this film embodies the opposite of civilization— unprincipled growth capitalism—portraying the cruel immoral capital mentality that culturally empowers and impassions us the most—greed. But such gratuitous film making is not harmless entertainment without consequence.

Because “whatever we put our attention to, grows in our awareness,” until it becomes us. For just as the quality of what we eat remains in our bodies permanently, so the quality of what we “consume” visually stays in our minds too, until it becomes what we think, who we are and what we do for good or ill. And in our case it’s ill, because truth is stranger than fiction.

Before, sane people feared barbarism and barbarian behavior, but not today. Now we pride ourselves on our barbaric cutthroat chauvinistic politics, capitalism and militarism, revealing we are a barbarian nation. And what are the cultural tools that drive the barbarous degenerate capitalist impulses of our nation?

Unbridled avarice and conflict; infinite greed and perpetual militarism; the perfect Machiavellian model of our preemptive politics, economics and belligerence, and what human reality becomes freed of all restraint when Hitler declared—“Success is the sole earthly judge of right or wrong”—Unprincipled and Godless.

Prior, our teachers “…inform[ed] us that in pre-modern societies pre-capitalist man valued material goods only as long as they served moral ends,” which is completely dismissed in growth capitalism. And Adam Smith warned “that the market was a “dangerous system because it corrodes the shared common values it needs to restrain its excesses.”

For when profitability becomes everything, all intrinsic value and worth is destroyed to meet that capital goal, obliterating any intrinsic value or worth present beforehand. This establishes that nothing remains inviolable when everything becomes a commodity value in capitalism, perverting everything—every principle worth—we thought couldn’t be “bought or sold”—signifying the end of civilization.

But as Thomas Jefferson extolled: “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” But not ours. And Thomas Paine wrote: “The protection of a man’s person is more sacred than the protection of property.” But not in neoliberal America.  For how long can we ignore that “Nothing is politically [or economically] right which is morally wrong.” Till no right exists and every wrong prevails?

Growth capitalism is the ultimate chauvinist culture, because social commitment and human responsibility are nonexistent when monied commissions and capital ambitions are our sole national culture and loyalty, as the tragic Philadelphia train derailment reiterates.

For what will our record as a nation be: What we commercially sold and marketed, or what we morally prized and humanly valued? Because a nation that values profitability more than humanity is a nation that prides immorality and is Godless. And look at where we are and what we’ve become, America. Choose what you want to be.

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