Marvin Hudson: Umpire, showman, moron

By Shane Nicholson
Managing Editor

Fans who thought they had bought tickets to last night’s Washington Nationals/New York Yankees showdown in D.C. were given a bonus treat: a screening of the brand new Marvin Hudson Show.

Hudson, a major league ump since 1999, previewed his new variety act during the bottom of the third inning, deciding that haphazard enforcement of new rules to speed up the game is paramount to the very game itself.

Following a pitch that was definitely not a strike (Hudson would disagree), Nats star Bryce Harper and manager Matt Williams engaged Hudson in what was surely a bit of friendly improv chat about his shape-shifting strike zone. What ensued provided far more entertainment value than Harper and his National League-leading 15 home runs could ever hope to give the paying customers:

What we have here is… failure to communicate.

As you can see, Harper didn’t leave the box until Hudson himself had left the plate area to strike up a dialogue with Williams, who, in the original script, was only set to play a cameo role. Apparently Hudson hadn’t clued the rest of the cast in on the revisions to the MHS pilot.

Harper was subsequently tossed for (appropriately) mocking Hudson for recasting himself as a leading diva in the very first episode. Williams soon followed after it became clear he didn’t agree with this development in the Show’s direction.

Sadly, the Marvin Hudson Show isn’t expected to be picked up by the major networks as no one is willing to pay to watch an umpire do his job. Maybe he would’ve been better off pitching to FX.

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