State Roundup: Natural gas vehicle tax stalls in committee

From Illinois News Network

Lawmakers in the Illinois House could soon take up the issue of taxing the use of natural gas in alternative fuel vehicles.

Senate Bill 1907 would tax liquid natural gas or propane at 21.5 cents per gallon. Compressed natural gas would be taxed at 19 cents per gallon.

The measure would put natural gas used for vehicles to the same gallon equivalent as diesel gas, according to supporters.

During a House Revenue and Finance Committee Wednesday Ray Drake from UPS says trucking companies are increasingly moving over to using alternative fuels like liquid natural gas–which Drake says is good to diversify energy usage–but there are upfront costs associated with using alternative fuels.

“Not just UPS, but truking in general. We don’t want to have a penalty in place if we use a natural gas, a liquid natural gas or compressed natural gas or propane natural gas. We wanna pay our fair share of motor fuel taxes regardless of the type of fuel we use.”

Drake says it’s a fairness issue. Other proponents include the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Illinois Trucking Association, Illinois Chamber of Commerce and Mid-West Truckers Association.

Senate Bill 1907 unanimously passed the Senate last month and remains in the House Revenue and Finance Committee.

Criminal justice reform measure passes both chambers

If it’s been seven years since you were convicted of certain felonies, your job prospects at a schools could soon open up with a measure awaiting the Governor’s signature.

House Bill 494 passed the Senate Wednesday after passing the House last month. If signed by the Governor the measure would remove lifetime barriers to employment for people who had previously been convicted of a felony.

The measure would allow local school districts to make the decision to hire candidates, despite their prior criminal conviction, including misdemeanor cannabis, prostitution and public indecency charges.

Crowdfunding measure passes both chambers

A measure allowing for small investments in small businesses from around the country passed unanimously in the Senate after receiving similar treatment in the House last month.

If signed by the Governor House Bill 3429 would allow for small businesses to generate up to $4 million in investments from people within Illinois and outside the state. Individuals would be allowed to invest up to $5,000.

Currently there is no law that allows for small investments in exchange for equity in a business. House Bill 3429 would make such investments legal.

The measure passed both chambers unanimously and now heads to the Governor’s desk.

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