State Roundup: Democrat sponsored prevailing wage amendment passes

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One of four amendments to the Prevailing Wage Act that addresses workers’ compensation passed Friday, but the measure was not from the Governor.

In the waning days of the Spring legislative session members of the House voted on four amendments to the act. Republicans voted present for three of the amendments saying the proposals were not from Governor Bruce Rauner. Democrats said the measures resembled language from the Governor’s Turnaround Agenda.

During debate on the second amendment, Republican Representative Ron Sandack said the action is similar to what’s happened throughout this month in the House where Democrats put out measures they say resemble the Governor’s initiatives knowing they’ll fail. Sandack said it was part of Speaker Michael Madigan’s quote “grind them down game.”

“Grind down the Democrats on this side, try and embarrass the Republicans on this side. Yeah, the people of Illinois really benefit from this stupidity, frankly, it’s stupid.”

Sandack said it was a waste of time and Democrats should wait for the Governor’s real measures to get to the floor before continuing to waste the taxpayers’ time.

The fourth amendment that passed with a Democrat majority provides for prior review and approval of workers’ comp rates to be filed with Department of Insurance annually, qualified safety programs could lead to rate discounts, among others, but the measure remains on second reading.

Governor Rauner introduced five measures Friday that are part of his Turnaround Agenda, including measures to reform workers’ compensation.

Marijuana legislation moves to Governor’s desk

Several measures addressing cannabis usage in Illinois are advancing, with some headed to the Governor’s desk.

House Bill 218 would lessen criminal penalties for people caught with less than 15 grams of marijuana. It would also change the threshold of THC in a person’s system that would lead to DUI charges.

The Senate passed the measure Thursday, 37-19, after passing the House last month, and now heads to the Governor’s desk.

House Bill 3299, which would extend the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, passed the Senate Thursday, and now heads to the Governor’s desk. Meanwhile Senate Bill 33, which would add post traumatic stress disorder to the list of approved conditions eligible under the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program passed the Senate Thursday 34-19.

There’s a final action deadline of May 31 in the House.

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