Rockford Park District named one of the ‘Healthiest Companies in America’

Staff Report

Interactive Health, the country’s leading provider of health management solutions, has named the Rockford Park District one of the “Healthiest Companies in America.”

RPD was one of 158 honored across the country for their embracing the mission of implementing preventive health care in the workplace.

This award is given to organizations that have helped transform the lives of employees by offering wellness programs that combine health evaluations with personalized results.

Through these initiatives organizations are able to accomplish success in moving employees from high-risk health status to reduced risk.

“Ultimately, the end result of this recognition is having healthy and more productive team members, who will in turn provide better, higher quality services to our citizens, and at the same time, lower healthcare costs for taxpayers,” said Director of Human Resources Debbie Gass.

In 2014, the Rockford Park District experienced a participation rate of 72.5 percent by eligible employees and spouses with results of testing showing 12 fewer newly discovered negative health conditions versus the previous year, as well as an improvement in the average score from -2 down to -5.

This score was better than some of Interactive Health’s healthiest clients and as a result of the overall health improvements, the Rockford Park District ended 2014 at 73.09 percent of the annual healthcare budget, meaning the District saved over $900,000 on healthcare.

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