Cannabis decriminalization trailer bill passes

From Illinois News Network

There were some last minute tweaks to a measure that would essentially decriminalize cannabis in Illinois as House Bill 3215 passed Sunday.

The bill was gutted and used to clear up some concerns lawmakers had for a previous measure that passed both chambers in April.

Some of the concerns raised included Republican Senator Matt Murphy who in Committee worried adult cannabis consumers would have their children with learner’s permits drive them while the parents are “stoned to the bajeezus.”

House Sponsor Kelly Cassidy says the trailer bill clarifies the oversight from the previous measure.

“We also don’t want them toasted, roasted, baked, fried, blazed, buzzed, or any of the other possible terms and we already in our law do not allow adults who are wasted, tipsy, drunk, and this will prevent parents who are stoned to the bajeezus from having their 15 years olds drive them home.”

Cassidy says the trailer bill also makes things more uniform around the state while also taking away county clerks’ reservations on the process of expunging cannabis citation tickets.

The trailer bill passed Sunday, the final day of Session, 79-32 after passing the Senate earlier last month.

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