Lawmakers continue extended session into new week

From Illinois News Network

The Illinois Senate will be back in Springfield for their first day in overtime Tuesday.

There are a couple of committee hearings scheduled including the Judiciary where Senators will take up the issue of House Bill 1287, the bill a Democratic majority passed last week in the House.

The measure addresses several things that Democrats say is a compromise with Governor Bruce Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda but Republicans say the bill would codify the status quo, creates a task force and possibly increase litigation–all of which the GOP minority says won’t move the ball on lowering workers’ compensation costs.

The Senate will also have a rare Committee of the Whole Tuesday where they’re expected to discuss freezing property taxes in Illinois.

Auditor: Gaming Board working on some repeat findings

The Illinois Gaming Board lacked internal controls over billing of Video Gaming Terminal Licenses, and that could lead to inaccurate financial statements.

The Auditor General published a report last month that said the Gaming Board lacked proper controls over the calculation of its transfers to the Education Assistance Fund from the State Gaming Fund, failed to get proper reviews of external service providers used to process video gaming revenue and casino staff fingerprints and failed to maintain sufficient controls of its property.

The Auditor’s report for the 2014 Fiscal Year said there could be financial reporting errors and a lack of internal or vendor activity oversight.

The Board agreed with the auditors findings and are working to resolve the issues, according to the Auditor’s report, including one that has been a repeat finding since 2010.

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