Property tax freeze hearing in Senate Committee of the Whole

From Illinois News Network

The Illinois Senate will hold a rare Committee of the Whole Tuesday on property taxes, but one critic says expect it to be a quote “dog and pony show.”

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has made freezing property taxes, and giving local communities more control over how the taxes are used, a priority–but his proposal didn’t made it out of committee.

A Senate Democrat spokesperson says they won’t touch on any particular legislation but will rather have a quote “property tax 101” lesson to include three panels–one on what property taxes are, another focusing on the impact a freeze would have on school district funding, and a third to talk about other units of government that utilize property taxes.

Leading Republican Senator Matt Murphy says expect more theatrics.

“We’ve done a little of it in the Senate but not as much and I’d frankly rather work on things that are constructive that solve problems than putting on a dog and pony show that’s not gonna impress anybody, anyway.”

Murphy says he hasn’t seen a Committee of the Whole meeting in the Senate since the Blagojevich trials that lead to that Governor’s impeachment.

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