AFSCME vs Rauner

By Illinois News Network

The state’s largest employee’s union continues demonstrating at various locations throughout Illinois to raise awareness of the quote “vital public services provided by state employees” and are calling for settling a fair contract.

A post the the AFSCME Council 31 website says the Rauner administration continues to make extreme demands leaving the two sides very far from a settlement.

Bob Bruno, Professor of Labor and Employment Relations of the School of Labor and Employment Relations for the University of Illinois, says the unions feel they have been given no legitimate options.

“And in settings like this it’s very difficult to be successful with bargaining so I think it’s a classic case of a failure to really put a set of proposals on the table that parties can negotiate around.”

But Governor Bruce Rauner said earlier this week that public sector pay and benefits are unrealistic.

“We have pensions that are unaffordable that don’t really occur in the real world. We have healthcare benefits that aren’t affordable that don’t really occur in the real world. And we have a pay scale based purely on seniority, not on productivity, not on effectiveness, not on saving taxpayer money. We need to change that.”

Rauner said those who don’t want change will be fighting any proposals he puts on the table.

The current AFSCME contract expires at the end of this month.

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