Comptroller: Dire outcomes if no budget in place

From Illinois News Network

With no budget in place and no real sign of compromise between the Republican Governor and Democratic legislative leaders, the state’s Comptroller is sending out a warning–nearly all payments from her office will cease beginning next month.

In one of her first public addresses Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger says the possible lapse in appropriations authority will mean bad news for many in Illinois.

Not everyone will miss out on state money, though.

“We’ll make the state’s debt and pension payments. Retirees will still receive their benefit checks,” Munger said.

“The temporary assistance for needy families and assistance for the aged, blind and disabled programs will continue. And we can make most local government payments because they are not tied to an appropriation.”

Employees and vendors won’t get paid if no budget in place

However, Munger says a myriad of other groups won’t see checks from her office.

“Nonprofits, social service organizations and small businesses that currently receive expedited payments because of existing hardships will find that we are unable to continue that practice until a budget is resolved.”

Vendors won’t be the only ones not getting paid by the state if the General Assembly doesn’t get their act together and pass a balanced budget.

Beginning July 15 state employees won’t be getting paid, but they’ll still still be asked to come to work.

Munger also says school districts will feel the pinch beginning the second week of August.


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