State Auditor General set for retirement

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Illinois’ Auditor General is on the way out the door to retirement.

In an announcement Wednesday, William Holland, who’s served as Auditor General for 23 years, said the decision to step down December 31 didn’t come overnight. He had been thinking about it for several months.

As for the outsiders’ view of Illinois being corrupt, Holland said that’s never been his focus as Auditor General.

“Do we then on occasions find some activities which are corrupt? The answer is yes and when we do we turn them over to appropriate authorities.”

Holland did offer up some advice for whoever may be the next Auditor General, saying respect the position and don’t think you’re bigger than the post.

“It allows the person in that office to take the long view on Government and not be subjected to the whims of what’s happening this week or this month or last month. We take a long view and it makes a big difference, and that’s the position.”

Significant audits coming

Even though he’s announced he’s on the way out the door by the end of the year, Holland says expect his office to continue producing thorough audits of various state agencies.

The last time he held a press conference was ten years ago when there was a scathing audit of Central Management Services under the Blagojevich administration.

But before he retires at the end of the year there is still some business he must complete, including releasing several significant audits throughout the rest of the year.

“We are in the process of doing our regular routine audits. Plus the audits that we were directed by the spring session. The General Assembly gave us four or five new audits to do, performance audits. A big one will be the College of Dupage. We’ll be doing that one.”

Holland said they’ve recently finished an audit of the Department of Children and Family Services which will be released soon, among others.

State law mandates the Auditor General produce compliance and financial audits of state agencies periodically.

State’s leaders react to Auditor retirement

Governor Bruce Rauner said that Holland is a true statesman and his appointment to a third term was unprecedented and well-deserved.

House Speaker Michael Madigan said Holland maintained the highest standards during several dark periods in the state’s history.

House Republican leader Jim Durkin said that Holland is respected by members of both parties and Illinois’ citizens are better off because of his ability to root out waste and mismanagement in government.

Senate President John Cullerton said Holland’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno said that Holland is a class act and has proven his loyalties lie with the people of Illinois despite coming from a partisan background.

Holland says one of his greatest accomplishments was to make the office a nonpartisan office.

Holland’s last day will be December 31, which he said will give the the Legislative Audit Commission plenty of time to lay out the requirements for the next Auditor. The next Auditor will require three-fifths approval in both chambers.

Holland said he looks forward to enjoying time with his three children and six grandchildren. Holland has been the auditor since 1992.

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