Week to go and still no budget deal

From Illinois News Network

There’s still no budget or contracts deal in place with eight days before the next fiscal year is set to begin.

Springfield will see lawmakers scheduled this Tuesday for continuous session, but there doesn’t appear to be any measures for tax increases or cuts.

The Comptroller said most paychecks, with the exception of bond payments, state retiree checks and money for the most needy, will cease from her office if there is not a balanced budget in place.

Governor Rauner has called for a package of economic and political reforms before he agrees to any tax increases while Democratic leaders say their members aren’t on board and even offered up their own version of the Governor’s reform proposals. The measures failed with Republicans voting present in most instances criticizing the gesture as insincere.

Compounding the pressure from a rapidly approaching deadline is a large state worker union contract set to expire at the end of the month.

Though both sides say they will remain at the table, it’s unclear if there will be an agreement met before the contract expires. Fiscal year 2016 begins July 1.

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