OSF St. Anthony’s Medical Center infuses local artists in summer activities

By Anne E. O’KeefeLaurenharpMorganflute
From Rockford Area Arts Council

There’s nothing like a picnic lunch to signify the good ol’ summertime. That’s exactly what OSF Saint Anthony is providing for their staff every Wednesday through the middle of August. What makes it even better is music from local musicians. Artists lending their talent include: Paul Pena, Morgan Walker and Lauren Bear, Tom Mac, Cole Brandt, Jon and Thad, and Elena and Sophia Gottlick.

At their recent groundbreaking OSF enlisted the talent of Tabatha Dougherty, 317 Studio and Gallery artist and co-owner, to add an artistic touch to the shovels used for the momentous. Words including, “Collaborative” and “Community” were inscribed as depictions of what this project means to OSF. The new addition will include 78 rooms for medical and surgical beds and converting semi-private to private. 700 construction jobs will be created for the project that will have an opening date in early 2018. It would be a great opportunity to show further commitment to the local art scene if OSF would purchase original works for the rooms and hallways.

“OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is a strong supporter of the Rockford Area Arts Council and programs that educate and enhance the well-being and cultural betterment of the Rockford region for our citizens, as well as our employees. We’re proud to do our part to make sure our vibrant arts community remains that way,” said Mike Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications.

RAAC loves finding paying gigs for artists, it is after all part of our mission. It’s especially rewarding when representatives from organizations come up with the idea themselves, like Robinson did. Rockford is fortunate to have a very giving business community when it comes to sponsorships and grants, but it truly enriches our community when they have access to our artists. Relationships build in this process and the arts and artists increase in value.

We are happy to help individuals, organizations and businesses connect with artists, we are working to grow our artists directory online at artsforeveryone.com and would gladly share arts events on our Facebook page at RAAC Rockford Area Arts Council. There are so many talented artists in our community, I encourage you to reach out and explore, whether you are hiring them or simply showing your support at various venues around the region. There is rarely a day in any given week that doesn’t have a variety of amazing arts offerings. Explore and enjoy!

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