Your Horoscopes: July 1-7

By Denise Guzzardo

This Week

The full moon in Capricorn July 1 will tend to deliver extreme behavior fluctuating from one end of the spectrum to another. If you find yourself bouncing from laughter to tears without much provocation this will most likely be the reason why. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, many times bottled up emotions need a release valve. Unfortunately others may find relief with misdirected anger. Keep that in mind as you navigate through the week ahead. Avoid those with a road rage mentality and try to keep a low profile until this astrological storm blows over. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July everyone.


Romance packs a major punch this week. Many of you may find you’re in a position to pick from two options at this time. Don’t just settle for what may be the easiest aspect, explore all of your alternatives before making a final decision. Look at this as a lifetime opportunity instead of a quick fix. In the long run you will be in the right place at the right time Aries.


A surprise message from far away has you ready to board a plane, train or automobile to arrive at this destination. Pull yourself together and lay out a plan, you may be needed down the road instead of right this minute. Business is off the charts with activity midweek, take care that you don’t burn yourself out at this time Taurus.


A new form of physical activity becomes addictive for you at this time. You are becoming very aware of your body and the messages it sends. You’re leaving behind old worn-out energy draining habits and moving into a new realm at this time. Midweek there is an offer to take on an additional work project. Although you may feel as though you can’t take on any more do it anyways. You won’t be disappointed Gemini.


Getting together with old friends and loved ones is exactly what the doctor ordered at this time. You may have found yourself stuck in a rut as of late. Now you need to break up the monotony and do something spontaneous. Friday some unusual information arrives that may be a bit of a shock. Keep this to yourself until you get the rest of the story Cancer.


Lead by example, it may not be clear now but you have made a powerful impact on someone younger or weaker than you are at this time. You have the ability to offer something to strive for, someone to look up to. Take this assignment seriously, this is a karmic test that you can pass with flying colors Leo.


Watch your temper this week, many annoying frustrations have you hanging on by a thread emotionally. Try not to take this out on your loved ones or animals. They are in your life to create a sense of peace and to allow you to feel loved. Try meditation or gentle exercise to alleviate stress. Saturday brings some relief to these overwhelming complications of life. A quiet humorous evening out appears to glue you back together Virgo.


Romance is very important to you at this time and strong values are attached to this encounter. As you attempt to process old wounds and mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over the past. Every step we take leads us into the here and now. It makes us who we are today. In other words, regret nothing and your future will make room for success Libra.


There is no reason that anyone needs to choose sides when it comes to friends or family matters. You have the right to have relationships with those from all sides of the spectrum without being judged or chastised for it. Be cautious that no one is putting you in the position of isolation as a form of control. Aspects like these don’t always happen in the beginning, they tend to sneak up on you over time. Watch for red flags Scorpio.


The focus is on a small child or animal this week. Changes need to be considered so that there will be room for improvement. Tone down the masculine energy around you, a softer more sensitive approach will work better for you or your loved ones around you. You may need to be the peace maker this week in some way, shape or form. Do not add fuel to the fire Sag.


The heaviness around you begins to lift and you can see your long-term plans beginning to unfold right before your eyes. The month of July provides some very promising opportunities, so hit the pavement running and grab the brass ring. This is your time to reap the benefits of your talents and efforts. Get out of town even if it’s only for a day. It will do you a world of good Capricorn.


You will receive some powerful information this week that you need to keep close to your heart at this time. Although this may be a difficult task for you, you must not share this with others. Instead begin a plan of exit away from the situation at hand. You do not have room for anymore drama in your life. The Fourth of July proves to be a very romantic time where you and your significant other make plans for the future. It appears that you are both on the same page Aquarius.


A friend or family member may share some alarming news about the emotional welfare of a loved one at this time. It appears that they are at the end of their rope and they feel like they can’t go on. It may be time to sit them down and remind them how much they contribute to the world around them, as well as how much they are loved. A stern but loving tone may be needed with this delivery, and you’re just the person to do it Pisces.

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