Your Horoscopes: July 8-14

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The new moon July 16 in Cancer may reveal some interesting emotional aspects from within. This is an opportunity to dig deep and remove all excess emotional garbage and recycle it once and for all.  Many times it’s very difficult to watch a loved one move through a lesson that you have already experienced and know the outcome. The temptation to step in and guide them can be overwhelming. However; remind yourself that unless you had experienced it for yourself first hand, you wouldn’t be the person you are today as a result of it. Allow them to grow and develop with it as well, in their own time and at their own pace.


Emotional or physical restrictions begin to lift this week and energy levels improve.  You may even experience your 15 minutes of fame during this lunar cycle, which promotes your cause as well as expands your wallet. Carefully check and double check any contracts emotional or financial during this time frame as well. You don’t want to be in a position where you need to renegotiate what you thought you already had set in stone Aries.


Travel is accentuated this month creating fond memories that will forever hold a place in your heart and mind. Your family will be going through a major healing process at this time as a result of an outside influence. An old romantic problem will be put to rest once and for all and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  As a result of this your energy level shifts and you can focus on your long-term goals now Taurus.


Many of you may be attempting to regroup after a long business or personal trip, so try not to push yourself too hard during this lunar cycle. Take it easy on another that is trying to work their way through a difficult problem. Sometimes the tough love approach doesn’t work for certain individuals as well as others. You will be shocked to hear some interesting information about a person from your past. Keep this to yourself for now Gemini.


News of a wedding or birth of a baby puts you in a fabulous emotional place early on this week. You are able to indulge in the simple things in life for a moment or two before you get back to the grindstone. Celebrating the love that is exchanged between friends and family can become quiet contagious. This energy carries on with you through week’s end Cancer.


You may be a little bored with all of the responsibilities on your plate early on this week. This is a great time to distribute tasks to those who are standing on the sidelines with nothing better to do than to watch you struggle. A fresh start with a romantic interest puts things in the proper perspective at this time. You both realize that you’re on the same page now Leo.


An unexpected offer or contract sets you above and beyond your own expectations now. You feel as though you can breathe a bit before starting in with your next endeavor. This is a great time to re-evaluate your heath and general well being at this time. If you have been overindulgent with certain elements, you’re in a prime position to leave these darker aspects behind for good Virgo.


Before you “flee the country” try setting some boundaries in your own backyard first. If it appears you are revisiting the same type of energy exchanges over and over, take a step back to figure out why. If you remove yourself from the moment you can recognize what’s really at the bottom of it all. By week’s end an important factor weaves its way into your fabric Libra.


Be brave and do not let another manipulate your emotions now. Instead of worrying about negative aspects that may happen, focus on all of the blessings that have occurred up until this point. This glass half-empty mentality that you have been harboring is not doing you any good and is drawing in more of the same type of energy. The perfect solution for a long-standing problem arrives by week’s end Scorpio.


You will find yourself in the spotlight this month as expansion with career and personal life are highlighted. With that said, make sure you are getting plenty of rest and proper nutrition to support these opportunities. Your digestive system may need a little extra tender, loving care as well. Do your homework and discover alternative methods to align your mind, body and spirit. Disease is a word with a specific meaning dis-ease. When we are not in sync with our emotions, disturbances with our wellness arrive Sag.


There is a definite shift in the way you are handling your own inner fears at this time. Instead of projecting them onto others, you are facing them head on and removing them one by one. As a result of this those around you may be more interested in exchanging energy with you. Romance seems to be falling into place at this time. The past is in the past for good now Capricorn.


This long-drawn-out legal element or frustrating contract should be put to rest shortly. This will give you an opportunity to focus more on your personal long-term goals. There may be a worry involving the health of a friends or family member this week. Try to remain objective and don’t panic. The end result is more positive than the initial problem Aquarius.


You may be a bit spooked by information you receive during dream time or experiencing strong feelings of deja vu. Understand the messages we receive are to benefit us and not to harm us. Allow this to work to your advantage and all will make more sense by week’s end. Fiances are improving shortly don’t panic Pisces.

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