1 month budget bill back to Senate

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It’s Day 10 of the new fiscal year with no budget in place. Meanwhile it’s back to the Senate for a one-month spending bill after a supermajority of Democrats passed the measure in the House Thursday.

Leading Democratic Representative Barbara Flynn Currie said passage of the measure is the right thing to do.

“I know this Governor cares about the workers of the State of Illinois and I know that when he gets a bill that will provide one month funding for personnel services for all of our state employees he will do the right thing.”

GOP leader Representative Jim Durkin said it was disingenuous for Democrats to say they have the moral high ground on the budget issue.

“It is unadulterated B.S. of what you’ve done to this state year in and year out for the past 12 years. Never mind that you ripped from the pension funds, shortchanged the pension funds, used a lot of accounting gimmicks to try to say that we’ve balanced the budget. That’s why we have record deficits. That’s why we have people and families and businesses running from this state.”

One month budget for July may not be implemented before end of month

The measure that would spend more than $2.2 billion passed the Senate last week and was amended in the House to include placing state employee pay into the category of continuing appropriations before passage Thursday.

That means it must go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote. The Senate doesn’t meet until Tuesday.

If concurred, leaders could immediately send it to the Governor. During House debate Thursday Republican Representative Ron Sandack asked Democratic leader Barbara Flynn Currie what would happen next if the Senate passes the measure.

“You have your super majority there,” Sandack said. “It goes to the Governor.”

“That’s right,” Currie responded.

Sandack then asked, “How much time does the Governor get to rule on your continued appropriation?”

Currie responded “the Governor has 60 days.”

That’s up to two months the Governor has to veto the measure before kicking it back to first the Senate and then the House chamber for veto overrides.

Sandack highlighted how the measure has a repeal date of August 1, which will be less than three weeks from when the Senate has the chance to concur. Speaker Michael Madigan urged the Governor to sign the bill. The Governor had previously said he will veto the measure.

As for overriding the vetoes of previous budget bills, Madigan said the focus now is on the one-month spending plan.

Continued appropriation for state employees measures compete

A measure to put state employees in the continuing appropriation category that lawmakers and judges enjoy should have been ala carte, not lumped into a one-month budget bill the Governor is sure to veto–that’s according the bill’s Republican sponsor.

Republican Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer worked to have his standalone employee pay measure voted on in the House. But Democratic Representative Lou Lang said there was a similar measure amended to the one-month budget plan that passed the House.

“You will not vote to pay state employees on Representative Currie’s amendment, you only wanted to do it on your bill.”

Davidsmeyer said there’s a reason to vote on the standalone measure instead of the amended one-month budget bill.

“My bill, House Bill 4245, will actually pay state workers. If you really care about them you won’t leave them in limbo playing these games.”

Republicans said Governor Bruce Rauner won’t support the one-month measure and it would make more sense to pass the standalone bill. Democrats blocked Davidsmeyer’s motion saying it was not in accordance with House rules, something Republicans balked.

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