Political posturing, inbreeding and incompetence

By Gregory John Campbell

In George Lakoff’s fine book, “Moral Politics”, he metaphorically conceives of the nation as a “family” and the government as the “parent” of that family. And as much as this metaphor makes sense, I cannot agree with it, because I see it as a crippling political model, not only for individual Americans, but for the government itself. Here’s why.

To make the government a “parent” mandates the citizenry to a second class “child” status to that parent, crippling their political potential and moral obligation to be “adults” in terms of what democracy morally means—not rule “of” or “by” the political majority”—but moral self-rule, regulation and governing of one’s own impulses and actions. For without personal regulation, true democracy is not possible, and political, religious, economic, corporate, judicial or martial tyranny will result, because if we won’t regulate ourselves and “our” country some other “party” will won’t they? So under the pretext of faux political “representation” we cheat ourselves of our democracy and freedom simultaneously.

Childhood implies dependency, lack of moral enterprise and an inability to act on one’s own initiative, all things which are generally representative of the American political public. And for this reason, this Citizen affirms that the “parent – child” model of nationhood, citizenship and government maintains a negative dependency state of repetitive political futility on the part of the American people in terms of “their” country.

Consequently, this citizen views the government as an “Agent,” rather than as a “parent” for the people, that functions on their behalf, as long as the services the people demand of it are representative of adult necessity, and not of adolescent religious or secular cultural impulse. Consequently, the government as Agent can only reflect what the people enable it to do or be on their terms, whether positive, negative or indifferent, because we get what we strive for.

So the people get the government they deserve, whether they know it or not, regardless of the political parties present, because what America’s two establishment parties demonstrate today, is their political success in being so, and the American people’s failure for allowing them to become so established, entrenched and controlling over their lives and the life of their nation politically.

This is not the fault of the parties or the government, which merely continues the charade of political representation under the guise of a two-party system, that has no intention of representing the people, their needs or their enumerated rights under any circumstances, to insure their integrated bipartisan political control over them. The recent SCOTUS decision excusing warrants for home searches is reflective of the legal tyranny both parties are willing to permit in this regard.

So when the establishment “ball” is tossed from the Left hand to the Right or vice versa, the corporate Morlock powers between the two—which controls them both—never changes, insuring under the pretense of “political change,” that no real change is occurring at all, except in name only. What this amounts to is political posturing, inbreeding and incompetence; not on the part of the establishment parties, but on the part of the American Eloi who blindly continue reelecting them.

The mere fact that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are “running” for office is indicative of this political inbreeding and incompetence, while Bernie Sanders is actually addressing the real needs of the American people. In this regard, Sanders is clearly the best choice Americans have at present to end establishment posturing and bring back the social contract, if the American people will only do so, regardless of media attempts to marginalize him. America, choose what you want to be.

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