Rockford Rocked Interview: Christian musician drummer Lance Porter of Armed Vision

By Todd HoustonLancePorter

RRI: Tell us what Lance Porter has been up to!

Lance Porter: I currently live in Cumming, Georgia with my beautiful wife Karla and still playing the drums!

RRI: How did you get your start in music and drums in particular?

Lance Porter: I jammed on a fellow neighbors kit when I was in grade school and felt I had a little ability. When fifth graders sign up for band going into sixth grade I was pumped to sign up and learn the instrument. I began with summer lessons and quickly found out it actually takes discipline and focused practice. Within a month I was completely turned off and told my parents that I was done! My mom proceeded to do the right thing and call my band director. During their phone conversation he told her that he must speak to me and I remember the conversation like it was yesterday! He said, “Lance, how can you quit something you haven’t even started?” That turned me around pretty fast!

RRI: Most folks will remember you as the drummer of the locally successful band Armed Vision from the early to mid ’80s. AV reached sort of a cult status after the band split up. You couldn’t go to a party in mid ’80s without someone bringing up the name. What do you think it was about AV that gave the band such a mysterious vibe?

Lance Porter: I’m not sure the deal with the whole Armed Vision mystery. I know it was real and still is today. At the time, individually I don’t think we’re the most talented on our instruments but together we seemed to have had a magical presence. It worked!

RRI: A lot of people would like to know more about the notorious bus accident that seriously injured all of the band members and ultimately led to the the demise of the band.

Lance Porter: In my opinion the accident stopped the momentum we had going. At the time of the accident we spent two to three weeks a month out on the road and had a legitimate booking agent/promoter with hopes of doing some minor label project. I think two to three years of hard work we could have done something on a national scale. The accident took a toll on each of us differently. For me it was very difficult emotionally and physically. I was lucky just to get back on my instrument after having been hurt critically with six broken vertebrae in my neck and back. All the band members were very seriously injured.

RRI: You were eventually able to move on and put together a Christian based band in the late ’80s called Apostles of Victory, please tell us about that.

Lance Porter: Apostles of Victory was myself , Rex Scott, Jay Samp, Brad Puckett and Gordy Cushman. We all had events in our life that lead to a huge lifestyle change. That project was really a lot of fun! To be honest I wish this gig was still going on.

RRI: What do you think about American Idol and reality TV shows in general?

Lance Porter: I’m not much of a reality show guy and drama is not my forte. I think the creators of American Idol are over-the-top smart. As a business point they get what they need which is sellable talent and we do the preliminary weeding out of sorts. I’d love to own the balance sheet on that deal!

RRI: What’s the first album you ever bought and where did you buy it?

Lance Porter: I believe it was Kiss’s “Destroyer” album! I bought it at the music store at North Town Mall.

RRI: What’s in your iPod or mp3 player? What are you currently grooving to?

Lance Porter: A bunch of stuff, new and old. A big mix of styles too! I go through stages of enjoying different stuff all the time. I get a regular dose of Contemporary Christian and Modern Worship stuff in as well as classic metal.

RRI: Let’s have some fun!

RRI: Last fast food drive thru you hit?

Lance Porter: Mac & Don’s Supper Club (McDonald’s)

RRI: Last concert you watched from the crowd?

Lance Porter: I think Rod the Mod (Stewart)

RRI: Last ’80s hair band you listened to?

Lance Porter: Probably the Scorps,or Judas Priest?

RRI: Last time you had a hangover?

Lance Porter: A long time bro! Does having a headache from a cheap glass of wine count?

RRI: At the end of the day what does Lance Porter want to be remembered for?

Lance Porter: That I brought something of value to other peoples lives. That those who knew me (kids, family and friends etc.) in some way I helped bring positive influence to them and that my life and talents made this side of Heaven a better place.

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