Rock County Council on Aging hosts education program on medications

Staff Report

The public is invited to attend “Let’s Talk about Medicines,” a free one-hour educational program by Wisconsin Health Literacy that seeks to provide participating adults and seniors with the appropriate resources, knowledge and strategies to better understand their medications.

By focusing on safe and effective medicine use, individuals in this program will gain more familiarity about their medications which can lead to better overall health.

The program is being hosted in Rock County by the Rock County Council on Aging.

Let’s Talk about Medicines will take place at the Rock County Council on Aging, 3328 US Highway 51 North, in Janesville on Friday, August 15, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.

To sign-up and register for the free program call 608-757-5472 or e-mail

Throughout the one-hour program, participants will learn a variety of skills and techniques including understanding the main parts of a prescription medicine label, how to read and interpret special instructions on the label, types of containers and labels for solid and liquid medicines, dosage instructions and strategies to remember to take their medicines, information about over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and how they may interact with other medicines, basic storage techniques and more.

Each program participant will receive a free pillbox and workbook plus the chance to enter into a cash prize drawing at the end of the program.

“A lot of people take different kinds of medication each and every day,” Joyce Lubben, Council on Aging Director, said. “And this educational program will help give them the tools they need to more safely and effectively use those medicines.”

This project is supported by an educational grant from the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation.

For more information or any questions about the program, please contact Julie Seeman at 608-758-8455.

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