Your Horoscopes: August 5-11

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Saturn the teacher and taskmaster is giving everyone a little bit of a shake up early on this week. With it squaring off with this one and challenging that one, the list is too long and boring to even get into. However, when it initially bounced back into Scorpio on June 15-16, it reminded us that maybe the way they have been attempting to handle an issue may have backfired after all. Listening to outside influences may not have been the best way to navigate with others. No matter where this affects your chart, it’s time for all of us to retrace our steps and listen to our own hearts and guts as opposed to the agendas of others. The heart won’t lie to you if you allow enough quiet time to yourself to hear it, go within.


Midweek a new business contact will be available, make sure you have have all of your ducks in a row. Romance needs to take two steps forward instead of one step back if the past continues to haunt you with any current relationship you may acquire. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, do not make the current love interest pay for the mistakes of past encounters Aries.


Help out and take turns with mundane tasks and obligations now. This could be within the work force or within your own personal realm. These friends and loved ones that feel overwhelmed at this time will notice your generous contributions. Health issues could be a contributing factor to their lack of initiative. If you step up to the plate now it will not be forgotten anytime soon Taurus.


Romance may be on the back burner the first part of this week, you need to tie up all of the loose ends that have been hanging on your last nerve recently. As the work week comes to a close, you are ready, willing and able to make up for lost time with the object of your affection. Even though this has been an uncertain and bumpy road, positive clarity is arriving quickly Gemini.


You may have lost your knack for utilizing good judgment or intuition regarding the character of another. Take into consideration that you can’t always use the past as a reference point to how another may be behaving now. In fact the past may be getting in your way of the truth at this time. A female with an addiction problem may be creating more difficulties for you than you can imagine at this time. Stay awake and focused, you may need to call a spade a spade Cancer.


Good news arrives this week with a career opportunity that may arrive at the 11th hour. It’s time to let go of the past. Move into the new positive direction that the universe has provided for you now. Old worn out thoughts, emotions and ideas will not allow you to progress, therefore hindering you from the happiness that you are entitled to. Negative thinking individuals need to be kicked to the curb at this time. Negativity can be extremely contagious Leo.



It will let up Virgo I promise, these challenges and financial confrontations are only temporary. In a way these will only help you value what is closest to your heart now. With this newfound clarity, you will become equally refreshed and rejuvenated. Remember the Christmas classic Its a Wonderful Life, the world would not be the same if you had never been born Virgo.


You have the tools, now you are in a position to use them correctly. It doesn’t matter that it has taken a while for everything to culminate, the time is now to activate all that you have learned. Take a leap of faith and avoid those naysayers that want to bring you down to their level. Keep your emotional life close to your heart this week. It is nobody’s business where you are headed with your long-term romantic goals Libra.


Watch the tendency to become vindictive at this time. Be very aware that everything you send out comes back to you tenfold. There is no point in getting even, that would be like drinking a shot glass of poison and hoping the person across the room will die from it. The universe does not work that way. Take time out to repair an injured relationship, you won’t regret it Scorpio.


Now that we have moved firmly into the sign of Leo, your finances are finally on track. Up until recently you have felt as though you’re on pins and needles robbing Peter to pay Paul. Take this time to investigate your long-term goals. It’s never too late to develop a plan for the future. With that said, trust that all of your dreams, hopes and ambitions will manifest Sag.


It may be time to come back from the Land of Oz and become more proactive with your long-term goals, personally and professionally. You have had some unrealistic thoughts about the welfare of another. Be prepared for some unexpected responsibilities to land on you shortly. Get plenty of rest and set some time, money and energy away for the unknown. This way you won’t arrive unprepared Capricorn.



Make sure that your ego does not get the best of you this week. You have worked very hard to get to this point in time that you are at now. There is no point in backsliding at this time. This mentality is counterproductive to your long-term goals. In other words if you can’t say something nice about someone, it’s better not to say anything at all Aquarius.



Your intuition is ringing loud and clear so pay close attention to it this month. All eyes are on you this week. Lady luck is riding along side you with a purpose at this time. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves now. Romance begins to heat up for you this month. Thursday provides new business opportunities. Dress for success Pisces.

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