Career in Welding Trailer pulls up to the Discovery Center Museum

Staff Report

Visitors to the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford will have a hands-on opportunity to learn how to weld about career opportunities in the industry when the American Welding Society’s Careers in Welding Trailer rolls into town on Tuesday.

The Careers in Welding Trailer will be in the Discovery Center parking lot from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and admission to the trailer and all its activities is free.

Facing a critical shortage of over 374,000 welding professionals by 2024, the Careers in Welding Trailer offers an education experience combined with career information to educate visitors on the opportunities available in the welding industry.

The trailer is fitted with five virtual welding simulators where visitors can grab a welding gun and helmet equipped with internal monitors and put their skill to the test.

The simulators are similar to a video game, after welding the virtual welder receives a score allowing them to compete against others on board for the highest score.

“Welding plays a big role in our daily lives – from bridges to skyscrapers, highways to pipelines – welding is all around us,” said Monica Pfarr, corporate director, workforce development, American Welding Society.

“The average age of a welder is 55 years-old and as they retire there is a growing demand for new and replacement welders. The Careers in Welding Trailer is a fun and interactive way to go around the country to recruit young people and give them the opportunity to explore what welding is all about,” said Pfarr.

In addition to the welding simulators, the 53 foot, single expandable trailer has 650 square feet of exhibit space that includes a display wall featuring 11 industry segments with trivia questions, fun facts, and industry artifacts;  a “Day in the Life of a Welder” exhibit with videos depicting real-life environments in which welders work;  a life size welder highlighting welding as a safe profession; a social media kiosk allowing visitors to take their photo and post to Facebook or email to a friend; welding scholarship information and more.

Visitors of all ages are invited to visit the Careers in Welding Trailer.

For more information on the trailer please visit

The Discovery Center Museum is located at 711 N. Main Street.


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