IMRF hosts brain health workshop

Staff Report

The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund held a complimentary workshop on August 13 entitled “Hold that Thought.”

More than 50 individuals attended this complimentary workshop which was the eighth brain health workshop that IMRF conducted this summer.

The five key takeaways from the Rockford memory workshop hosted by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund are as follows:

  1. Be present in the moment. Individuals should focus on one task at a time, pay attention to details and avoid interruptions to complete tasks faster.
  2. Get organized. As soon as people remember an urgent task, they should complete it right away or record the task in a daily planner to complete later. They should also consider keeping a pen and paper handy throughout the day to keep track of activities.
  3. Use visual cues. Individuals who struggle with language may benefit from visual cues. In addition, pictures can help them learn steps to complete and then practice a task.
  4. Verbalize thoughts and tasks. Individuals remember more information if they repeat thoughts and tasks aloud. This repetition strengthens memory retention.
  5. Make a purposeful change. Change exercises the brain when an individual enters unfamiliar territory. This change can be as simple as traveling down a new path or even bigger, such as volunteering with a new nonprofit.

Rockford_Workshop_1 Caption: The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund hosted the complimentary workshop, “Hold that Thought,” on August 13. More than 50 attendees learned common causes of memory loss, tips to improve brain health and strategies to decrease forgetfulness.

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