Your Horoscopes: August 19-25

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Venus and Mars are both planted in lucky, playful Leo and will remain there for a few weeks to come. Enjoy the flirting, teasing and tickling affects of this collaboration while it lasts. The full moon will arrive in Pisces August 29 making this yet another blue moon vibration that we can all quietly reflect on. Growth and development especially within our emotional galaxy are blessed and provide the perfect solutions to any overdue heartache that may have been lingering for a while now. This will only benefit those that are willing to take a risk and do the work that is involved to resolve these long-standing problems. Unfortunately, many people aren’t happy unless they have something to whine about, and tend to like their life resembling a tornado in a trailer park. There is nothing we can do for the likes of those, other than avoid them, enjoy!


You may feel a little bit vulnerable early on this week regarding a personal issue that you haven’t figured out how to handle quite yet. Don’t worry your little head about it at this time. Midweek provides additional information that seals in all of the cracks in the plaster, and like magic, you have a solution. Single Aries find themselves attracted to a familiar romantic element now, timing is everything Aries.


Money seems to be a conflict this week, but remember if you pay it forward the universe will return the favor tenfold. If you’re going to continue to harp on the price of rice in China, no one will be interested in exchanging any further time or energy with you. Remember, our health and emotional well-being should be the biggest priority in the grand scheme of things. Everything else is just material and we can’t take it with us Taurus.


If you think by burying your head in the sand it will remove yourself from a current emotional element, it won’t. In fact, it will only make matters worse. If you’re trying to hide something it is blatantly obvious by all of the dodgeball games you’ve been playing with loved ones. Emotional support is arriving from the least expected sources. However; you need to give them a chance to speak from their heart as well. Cutting someone off at the quick isn’t your best action at this time Gemini.


Those around you will be more than willing to honor your contributions in life at this time. Receive these salutations gracefully and don’t be shy about it. Admiration should be viewed as a reflection of the soul. Finances arrive midweek with a fantastic pay off. You’re in a productive mindset this week, all aligns favorably by week’s end Cancer.


Romantic aspects may need a re-evaluation period midweek. However; try not to snub a possible reunion or new love option off too quickly. This is just a temporary setback that can resolve itself with love and patience. If you lose your cool you could cause permanent damage. Family could pile on additional drama this week. Hide in a closet if need be Leo.


Your personal relationships are beginning to shift for the better at this time. You may need to ask your significant other if they need any financial or emotional help this week. They may be too proud to say they are feeling stressed. Midweek you have a financial windfall arriving. Sometimes by paying it forward financial blessings come full circle Virgo.


A long-standing agitation with a client or a coworker will magically come to an end at this time. Instead of focusing on lack, focus on gain. Out with the old and in with the new. You will find an admiration arrive from an unexpected source this week. Visualize this moving into a loving and productive light Libra.


Take a good look at what you may have done to contribute to this problem that you or another around you are more than willing to blow out of proportion. Pay close attention to who is adding fuel to the fire at this time as well. Then ask yourself, do they have their life in order? Are they in a position to actually have an opinion on this matter? The closer you look at an element, the more clarity you will receive. An opportunity for financial gain arrives at weeks end Scorpio.


Your “spidey senses”  have kicked into high gear so stay tuned. You’re able to negotiate a fabulous outcome with a financial aspect as summer rolls into fall. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time for romance, as a result of your fast-paced living balancing career and home responsibilities. However; as the month of October evolves, the right alignment arrives. Patience is not your strong suit, but it does build spiritual muscle mass Sag.


Take the edge off your tone and try to be open to a softer demeanor at this time. The fear that you could come across too delicate has actually worked against you this past year. Put your feelings out there, accept them and receive love from those who are willing to share it with you. Midweek your energy begins to shift for the better. Hang on to this element. Humor is the best medicine Capricorn.


Celebrations with friends and family need to be accentuated at this time. It’s easy to fall into a rut and self-loathing. However; no one benefits from that kind of energy. If it makes you feel any better, everyone has been running a bit low on the energy. It makes it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As the astrological sign of Virgo (August 22) really moves into full effect, you will see the difference Aquarius.


Focus on the home front first and foremost. So many other individuals may be pulling at your energy source that you may be inadvertently neglecting precious cargo within your own realm. Someone is craving your love and affection. Allow this to fall into place and let friends and family know how much you care Pisces.

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