Your Horoscopes: August 26-September 1

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

An emotional full moon supermoon arrives Saturday in the tender and sensitive sign of Pisces. A great time to go within and soul search. However; it’s not a great time to attempt to hash over an emotional problem with family, friends or loved loves. Best to sit on that one until the planets shift and change a bit. Saturn will plant itself firmly back into Sagittarius after its retrograde over the summer months on September 17, the same day Mercury goes retrograde until October 9. I’m giving all of you a heads up now so you can plan the weeks to come accordingly. It may be a bit shaky for a day or two around that time. We must remember that we have all grown and developed under much worse planetary aspects than these, and many of us are even wiser for it. Enjoy the last few beautiful days of summer while they last.


Time to move onward and upward. A credible source may not have given you all of the information that you needed to make a change at this time. Try using your own intuition to make your life an easier element to deal with. You have some wonderful resources that you can tap into at this time. Utilize these and as a result you will become more successful than you could have ever imagined Aries.


Avoid family conflicts like the plague at this time. You will not be able to get to the the heart of an upsetting matter until mid-October. All of the information you need has not been presented quite yet. Until you have digested everything there won’t be an answer to this dilemma. On a high note finances will improve midweek, take some time out to rest and rejuvenate Taurus.


Unusual information arrives this week and there may be an element of truth to this aspect. However; the timing seems to be a bit off course. Try not to overreact to this at first. Put this in your back pocket for future reference. You will find this information to have a stronger bearing in weeks to come. The health of a Aries, Leo or Sagittarius female may be a concern for you at this time. Try not to put yourself in emotional jeopardy over this now Gemini.


Romance has become a positive influence in your life again. You are beginning to see what works with the object of your affection and what does not. As a result of this everybody benefits from this new found knowledge. Friday a financial concern is put to rest once and for all. You’re able to move forward in a positive light. A female family member could get on your last nerve this weekend, evade and avoid Cancer.


A light-haired female is ready to back you with a financial or emotional issue at this time. Try to hear her out instead of thinking there is a hidden motive or agenda. You can always call the shots when the final curtain is called. Your superstitious behavior is creating conflict with your progress. It takes motivation and trust to move forward at this time. Grab the brass ring Leo.


This is a great time to count your blessings and allow another to take the lead. You’re able to receive now instead of constantly giving. There is a fair exchange of love and energy that needs to be acknowledged. When you’re able to accept this, life becomes less complicated, putting you in the drivers seat now Virgo.


There are many social situations that will be putting you in front of some very powerful individuals shortly. Try not to hide your head in the sand. Instead greet these new opportunities with the highest optimism. It’s been a while, but I promise you have not forgotten how to socialize graciously. It appears the grudge you have been toting around has been replaced with eloquence and grace Libra.


You are in a tough situation early on this week as you try to avoid a family problem. Keeping this to yourself will only create bigger problems in the long run. It’s time to come clean with what you know about the health or welfare of another. You can not take all of this on yourself. You’re going to need help Scorpio, lots of it.


A close call with a dangerous situation surrounding you or another has you thinking how lucky you are. As a result of this you may begin to move quickly into a more solid situation with a loved one than you were prepared for. Trust that the universe will provide you with everything you need to get by. After the first of the year there will be more security than you had bargained for Sag.


Decisions, decisions; you’re in high demand now and all you’re trying to do is figure out what will work best for your long-term sanity. Financial opportunities are off the charts with a positive note. Now would be a great time to look at long-term goals and investments. There will be an unexpected surprise arriving at this time to put your mind at ease. Rest and relaxation is just what the doctor ordered Capricorn.


Although it may feel as though you have taken one step forward and two steps back, you are still gaining significant ground at this time.  You are about to make a major move, home or career will bring forth new opportunities that will create a foundation for you in the years to come. Try not to self sabotage your growth and development Aquarius.


Unexpected news could leave you a bit rattled early on this week. Until all of the information has been revealed try not to go off half cocked somewhere and sabotage your future success. You have a hidden ally working in your corner. Let everything reveal itself all in good time Pisces.

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