Lack of budget brings about impassioned cries for cooperation

Frustrations over the lack of a state budget are mounting at the state Capitol.

During the hours-long House session Wednesday, Democratic Representative Jack Franks again pushed for ending what he called loopholes to shore up the state’s finances but also criticized the fact big lotto winners aren’t getting paid because of a lack of a state budget.

“We’re the home state of Al Capone, for crying out loud, and we can’t even payout on lottery,” Franks said.

“This is an embarrassment. So don’t hide behind a budget issue here. This is about human dignity. And if you want to pay for it let’s pass a bill that will close some loopholes.”

Franks said members can come together to find more ideas but Republican Representative David Harris said those loopholes won’t amount to much.

Harris, slamming his fist on his desk, expressed his anger with where the state is financially.

“We can’t make child payments but we have a State Fair. Does anybody see the incongruity in that? Yeah, you can say yes, but you know what? We are all at fault! We are complicit in this problem.”

The state is now in month three of the current fiscal year without a budget in place.

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