Your Horoscopes: September 23-29

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The sun moves out of Virgo and into fluent Libra September 23. Even though we are in the middle of a Mercury retrograde, we will notice our spirits lift a bit. On September 28 a powerful lunar eclipse arrives in Aries. Energies will be sporadic, yet if we keep an awareness of these dates we can actually channel this in planetary influence in a productive manor. Utilize this to its full potential. There will be plenty of energy to complete those aggravating tasks or start a new creative endeavor. Enjoy!


Favorable romantic aspects arrive midweek, when a third party provides you with additional information regarding the object of your affection. Your cash flow begins to move in the right direction allowing you to breathe with a little more fiscal ease. The mental or emotional status of a valued friend may cause you some concern. Just keep your listening ears open, Aries.


Stop focusing on financial lack and embrace the fact that everything is current within this moment in time. If we look too far ahead and worry there may not be enough, we can manifest that in our future. Contacts made on Thursday provide you with an opportunity for growth and development with your career. Dress for success, Taurus.


The focus may be on a change within your career or residence at this time. Little hints have been arriving and acknowledgments for a job well done continue to flow in. Romance for many of you has been a bit rough, when fall arrives opportunities for the right fit will arrive as well. A past love or past love interest will have an opportunity to rekindle itself. Go for it, Gemini.


Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. You may find yourself a bit accident-prone if you are not using common sense now. A friend from your past may arrive with unexpected news. Allow yourself plenty of time to process your emotions midweek. You won’t regret it, Cancer.


Take care of your physical appearance as well as your emotional self now. You may be struggling with an emotional funk of some sort and could be having a difficult time with your personal presentation. Fake it till you make it. By week’s end you will feel as though you are back in your own skin again Leo.


If you are slipping back into your old self-destructive ways it is time to make self-preservation a prominent factor in your life. Your personal relationships can suffer as a result of your self-indulgent behavior. With that said think about how your actions affect others and move forward from there in the most positive light. You can’t go wrong with that, Virgo.


New business opportunities or a financial windfall present themselves in the weeks to come. You feel as though you have been burning the candle at both ends for a while now. These new activities will increase your financial potential 100 percent. An unexpected meeting with a past love gives you some answers for your current romantic dilemma. You have all of the answers, move forward now, Libra.


Okay, this week promises to provide you with some serious amusement first and foremost. Anything after that will only be the icing on the cake. Your heart becomes rather fragile midweek as you have to face some more serious challenges with your personal life. Never fear my dear, you are getting the emotional support and backing that you need to heal all wounds. Life is changing for the better at this time, Scorpio.


Humor is the star arriving within your life this week. It has been a while since you have really felt the connection to your best friend, laughter. Share that with those you love the most. Comic relief reveals the youngster within. As a result of that, all eyes are on you, Sag.


Try not to get caught up with the material things in life at this time. You need to keep in touch with your true spiritual self now more than ever. Children and animals need you to be present and accounted for. If you’re off in worry town, they cannot get the emotional support they need. Make a solid connection with those smaller and weaker than you are this week, you won’t regret it, Capricorn.


This is an action-packed week of emotional highs and lows. Try to ride these waves and use them to your advantage. A healing process has begun and you and your family are able to work with the tools a professional is providing. Finances are highlighted and offers of employment arrive in October, Aquarius.


You may be hurt or confused regarding the behavior of another at this time, but this is only temporary. Set boundaries and limit what you will tolerate from another without becoming combative. Calmly and carefully clarify where you stand. It will sink in eventually. This week your finances are in a strong position again. Pay it forward, Pisces.

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