‘It’s a bizarre hoax’: Erie County DA

Staff Report

Questions over a supposed evidence bag the former lawyer for Patrick Kane’s accuser presented Wednesday were put to bed by Eire County (NY) District Attorney Frank Sedita III Friday.

In the lengthy press conference, Sedita showed that the bag presented by Thomas Eoannou was a hospital collection bag and not part of the rape kit. Eoannou stepped down from the case Thursday night.

The DA said the mother of the accuser was in possession of the bag from August 2 and reiterated that no evidence from the case had been compromised, showing video of the rape kit being transported into a police evidence room.

“It’s a bizarre hoax, and it’s a dog-and-pony show,” he said.

“I’ll weigh whether to administratively close the investigation,” Sedita said, before adding that the mother’s actions will “definitely be a factor.”

Sedita had harsh words for the other lawyers and for those leaking information to the media over the past weeks: “This office is not responsible for this circus.”

He said that his office began looking into Eoannou’s claims on Tuesday, the day before Eoannou hosted a press conference claiming that an evidence bag had been found at the home of the accuser’s mother.

Sedita says that the Kane investigation is not closed, though hinted that continuing to a grand jury may now be in question. The DA said that it now depends on further evidence collection and the cooperation of witnesses.

“The question in my mind isn’t when this case will go to a grand jury,” he said. “The question in my mind is if this case will go to a grand jury.”

Sedita said charges against the mother or others connected to the evidence bag hoax are unlikely as no statements related to the incident were given under oath.

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