Your Horoscopes: October 14-20

By Denise Guzzardo

This Week

The new moon in Libra on October 12 launches fresh starts and new beginnings after a frustrating Mercury retrograde leaves the cosmos. This rippling effect will carry on throughout the month of October and the possibilities are endless. With little or no effort opportunities align to expand our physical, emotional and spiritual compass. Accept impromptu invitations to socialize during this time frame. Mixing business with pleasure will go hand in hand at this time. Enjoy.


A lucky break comes your way this week with finance. Take advantage of this aspect and accept this option graciously. Your hard work and determination is beginning to pay off now. Midweek provides a surprise meeting with someone from your past. You feel yourself headed back in time and emotionally nostalgic. Take a moment to acknowledge your progress up to this point in time, Aries.


The week starts out on a positive note with a new opportunity expanding your career sector. This may be a self-employed or self-contracted type endeavor in addition to your daily routine. The energy this aspect arrives with pumps fresh oxygen into your home and family life. Changes within your residence add fresh perspective as well, Taurus.


Your past efforts resurface and favor you this week regarding decisions that will be granted by the powers that be. Long-distance communication is active and key with new endeavors arriving in the months to come. Your heart may be a bit wistful here and there from uncertainty. However; it is time to trust the universe to guide you. You will be forming fabulous new alliances in the year ahead, Gemini.


Your intuition is running high during this lunar cycle so pay attention to those gut feelings and allow them to steer you in the right direction. You may have a little bit of buyer’s remorse over a recent purchase, however; this will blow over as time rolls on. Good news arrives from a dark-haired female this week. A wish come true is on the horizon, Cancer.


A friendship or family matter that has been wearing you out with worry is about to take a turn for the better. A  water-sign male has a sudden epiphany with communication as well as physical or emotional wellness and is willing to make changes to improve it. Be open and receptive to this change as well, Leo.


A fresh start and a brand new beginning arrives this month. The recent changes you have made begin to pay off at this time. You feel as though the recent past heartaches are just a blur and something really big will arrive shortly. Make a list of your goals, dreams and ambitions and watch them arrive one by one, Virgo.


Travel is indicated at this time and a much needed break arrives to soothe your nerves. Try not to push too much into a small time frame. Go slow and make every moment count. You will find yourself beginning to unravel at this time. Romance begins to flourish as well. Make sure you let another know how you feel, Libra.


Financial and emotional restrictions are lifted this week. You can breath a huge sigh of relief and begin to enjoy the simple things in life again. Family and friends have been waiting for you come come out of your shell. There are plenty of opportunities to socialize this week, take advantage of these connections and emotional support. All eyes are on you, Scorpio.


An emotional or physical healing process is about to begin for you or a loved one during this lunar cycle. Keep your eyes and ears open for referrals that will set everyone on the right path. Previous feelings of financial vulnerability disappear when unexpected opportunities for additional financial gain arrive in November, Sag.


You’ve made it past another huge hurdle, instead of seeing the glass half empty perhaps you could try to see the glass half full. You may be subconsciously trying to punish yourself for past emotional issues and situations. This will only stand in your way of progress. No matter what you have done in the past you’re entitled to a life filled with opportunities just like everyone else, Capricorn.


Romantic opportunities are swarming around you now. You’re able to pick and choose from some very positive options. Try not to make a decision until you have properly interviewed all of the candidates. Once you explore your options you may find a diamond in the rough along the way, Aquarius.


This is a prime time to restructure your financial goals and put them to work for you. You can no longer rest on what might arrive down the road. Explore what you can do now to lighten your load. A friend from the past may resurface at this time. Allow this to heal itself, Pisces.

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