Letter to the Editor: Keeping the nation’s balance

Our symbol for justice is Liberty holding a balanced scale. The genius of our nation has been in its ability to balance the needs and wants of people who are socially, racially, and economically diverse.

Capitalism like socialism is an economic system. Our economy works best for all when we have a balance between the two systems.

Some socialist programs include the U.S. Post Office, public education, our system of highways, some public utilities, National Public Radio, and Social Security.

These socialist parts of our society have been under attack by big corporations and multi-billionaires who value amassing money over everything else that makes life worth living and see opportunities to make money.

Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. This means he supports the above programs. It does not have anything to do with eliminating the Capitalism that promotes growth. It does not mean he wants to steal money from you.

It has everything to do with protecting the balance that makes our nation great.


Arlys Mills
Machesney Park

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