Your Horoscopes: October 21-27

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

Things will remain relatively quiet until the sun enters Scorpio on Friday. At that point we will notice passionate and creative energy emerge. The stalemate is broken, so utilize this time frame to your advantage. New opportunities arrive for those who are willing to think outside the box. The scrappy, aggravated influences that have been evident will be put to rest, but not until week’s end. Keep that in mind this week and don’t engage in petty arguments.


Patience has never been your strong suit. However; recently you have been a little more aggravated with those that are not following in your footsteps. We need to remember that others may not be in a position to keep up with us emotionally, physically or spiritually. It’s nobody’s fault, however; a little empathy goes a long way, Aries.


Expand your social sector with new hobbies or health regimes during the upcoming winter months. You may have found yourself in a bit of a rut one way or another, and it’s beginning to wear on you. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Taurus.


Information arrives from a long-distance source that puts your mind at ease at this time. Now you need to pool your resources and take the next step. A love from your past may resurface during this time frame as well. Take a moment to figure out what you might have learned from that experience. Love is like school, Gemini.


Going within and ignoring the obvious will not help anyone resolve their personal conflicts. If you are part of the problem, this is a good time to become part of the solution. Extending your loving self and leaving the past behind will achieve mixed results. Eventually this will sink in and begin to work in your favor, Cancer.


You feel a sense of relief this week. Finances are beginning to align in a productive way and your personal life takes a turn for the better as well. Family squabbles begin to subside as though they never took place to begin with. You’re not sure exactly what the turning point was, but it doesn’t matter now. Let go of the past and don’t expect trouble to resurface now. Keep the peace, Leo.


It may be time for a checkup on a physical or emotional level. If you have been neglecting your health it may begin to catch up with you now. A simple solution will be provided if you nip these symptoms in the bud now. Good news arrives from a friend or family member by week’s end, Virgo.


Take this week to organize your home and prepare for upcoming events. Your social calendar will be quite full the next few months so you don’t want to feel as though you’re behind the eight ball with mundane tasks. Shifts begin to take place with family and friends. You realize who has your back. Emotional support comes from some unusual sources now, Libra.


Travel plans may be exhausting yet when you finally touch down, you find it was worth all of the upheaval to arrive at your destination. Gatherings with family prove to be enlightening. You learn more about yourself this time than previous encounters. This helps you to find your true self and work with the rough spots you’ve encountered up to this point, Scorpio.


You are coming into a windfall at this time or a possible opportunity to switch careers. Your financial sector will be worth its weight in gold as we roll into 2016. Make sure you set some money away for a rainy day. Your personal life could use a little polishing so get out and about, Sag.


You are in a prime position to receive a career advancement. Take the extra steps to ensure you are the best candidate. You will outshine your competitors hands down at this time. Romance is defiantly improving as well, however; you may need to allow another to catch up to speed first. Nothing of value comes easy, Capricorn.


Finances and career sectors are blessed at this time. You are in a grand position to align yourself with the powers that be regarding your current affairs. An unexpected windfall arrives in November that provides a balance for the winter months. Your personal life needs a little attention. Expand your horizons, Aquarius.


You may need to set a stronger boundary with co-workers or your clientele at this time to save your sanity. However; your romantic aspects are shifting into high gear during this lunar cycle. Set some time aside for you and your significant other. A little effort in that direction will pay off big time in the end. Go for it, Pisces.

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