Haney to run for County Board top spot

Staff Report

Rock Valley College Board Chairman Frank Haney has tossed his name in the hat for next March’s Republican primary, announcing his candidacy for Winnebago County Board Chairman.

“A change in leadership is needed,” Haney said in a statement released Wednesday morning. “I will make the changes necessary to the office of Chairman of Winnebago County that will make headlines about investigations unnecessary. The buck stops at the top.”

Haney says that talks with residents prompted him to make the move, citing what he called a “frustrated and disillusioned” population. He said that fundamental changes to the way local government is run are needed to keep people engaged.

“The region is at a crossroads. Big opportunities and big challenges. What happens in the next few years will determine the next twenty-five years. The role of the Chairman will be of critical importance in the coming years if we are to become a top-tier community.”

He indicated that his campaign will be based on three core values: ensuring good government; positioning the area for long-term growth; and more collaboration with other parts of local government.

“I am running for Chairman because I know we can make a difference,” Haney said. “Over the years I have built a reputation for being honest, prepared, collaborative, and extremely passionate about moving our community forward. I have no personal agenda outside of our shared interest of creating a community of first choice for our children as they grow into adults.”

“I am not running because I see a future in politics. All leaders have a window and that is why I would like to serve a term or two and then go back to the private sector. In the meantime, I believe voters deserve an alternative to the status quo.”

The Republican primary is set for March 15.

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