Rockford Rocked Interview: Taboo Blah Blah prepares for release of ‘Junkyard Greenhouse’

By Todd Houston
Exclusive to TRRT

Rockford Rocked Interview: You guys have been creating quite a buzz around the area. It looks like your hard work is paying off. Your new record release is slated for Saturday at Veterans Memorial Hall here in Rockford. Tell us how long Taboo Blah Blah has been together and who the members are.

Gavin: Lincoln and I have been playing together for about four years, nothing too serious, mostly just for fun. James St. Clair came into the mix playing percussion shortly after, Ian Goodall started playing bass with us just over a year ago and recently Mossy Vaughn has been playing guitar with us.

RRI: So you and Lincoln take on vocal duties? Who decides who does what?

Gavin: Generally, whoever writes the song sings it. Ian handles the low harmonies, Lincoln takes the mids and I usually sing the high parts probably because none of us are too flexible with our voices. We’re sort of stuck where we are, harmonies and instrument lines sort of fall into place after the fact.

RRI: To this old guy’s ears, your music sounds like a mix of Blind Melon, Flogging Molly and dare I say JET? Tell us about some of your biggest influences.

Lincoln: Yeah collectively: The Dodos, Tallest Man on Earth, White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Airborne Toxic Event, and The Tossers.

RRI: Growing up was there a lot music being played around the house?

Lincoln: A lot of classic rock was played at home growing up as well as country and blues, my dad and grandfather played a little harmonica but aside from that no familial musicians.

Gavin: There was a bunch of different music being played at home growing up. Jazz classical and classic rock. My parents have a very broad taste in music.

RRI: How supportive are (were) your parents in your decision to get serious about writing and performing music?

Lincoln: Very. We have lovely parents.

RRI: I was told Mossy Vaughn (The Heavils, etc) produced the new album “Junkyard Greenhouse”, (set to be released October 31) what was Mossy like working with in the studio?

Gavin: Dan McMahon did the brunt of the work. He and Mossy own and operate the Midwest Sound. They’re both a pleasure to work with. Dan was somehow able to pull a great sounding album out of this mess of songs we came into the studio with.

RRI: You guys play a lot of acoustic type instruments, did it ever prove difficult to get the sound you were looking for as far as mic placement and mixing while recording?

Gavin: As far as my violin sound, I play it through a tube amp and wasn’t sure how that would work in the final mix but I’m quite happy with it. I’m sure that Dan had to make many adjustments to get it where it’s at now. I think the trickiest thing was the percussion. James plays a handful of different instruments. I know he and Dan spent an extra day in the studio but what they did and how they did it remains a mystery to me.

Lincoln: There was no acoustic guitar recorded at all on the album so it was plug and play as far as that goes.

RRI: Are you guys actively looking to pen some sort of deal with a record label to help distribute your music or are you taking that on by yourselves?

Gavin: No, we’re not really looking. With all the support and guidance we’ve received so far it doesn’t seem necessary right now. That being said, we’re totally open to the opportunity.

RRI: Let’s face it, the music industry isn’t what it used to be as far as being able to retire on a couple of hits. Do you guys ever wish it was 1986 when record labels were signing anyone and everyone with a pointy guitar and a blond singer to multimillion dollar contracts? Or, are you not in it for the money anyway? Thoughts?

Gavin: Money would be nice but I really think it’s a great time to be a musician. Social media does a lot of promotion with very little effort.

RRI: Tell us what 2016 holds for Taboo Blah Blah.

Gavin: Hopefully a lot of highway miles and new audiences!

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