Your Horoscopes: November 4-10

By Denise Guzzardo

This week

The new moon arrives in Scorpio on November 10-11 with plenty of rocket fuel to spare for those who are willing to transform and improve the quality of their lives. Take advantage of this aspect while it’s in our orbit. Venus wraps up its visit within Virgo on November 8, creating a practical support system for loved ones. Lavish gifts or overindulgent lifestyles are not always what our loved ones require. This week the simple things in life are what matter most. Raking someones leaves or picking up a sandwich for someone under the gun will be remembered long after the bright sparkly object begins to lose its luster. Stay focused and grounded this week everyone. Enjoy!


Texts, voice mails or emails may create misunderstandings this week, so slow down and count to 10 before you respond. Ask for clarification, sometimes the real meaning can get lost in translation. A new venue will arrive providing you with financial growth and development. Even though this may seem like a bit of a stretch at first, take the time to investigate this option. A realistic look at your love life arrives midweek. For some of you it may be time to pull the trigger, Aries.


Celebrate your winnings this week. You are in a position to expand your financial sector to its fullest potential at this time. Midweek you may be a bit frustrated with a friend or coworker, try to see life through their eyes. If you can master that, you will be able to heal the world, Taurus.


You’ve been sitting on pins and needles awaiting an answer that is prevalent to your future. For some of you it may be a romantic aspect. For others, the anticipation of an upgrade regarding career. However; now that we are planted firmly into the sign of Scorpio action begins to take form. An unexpected option arrives behind door number three by week’s end, Gemini. Go for it!


Gatherings with friends and neighbors provide some interesting information regarding your long-terms goals. You are in a position to expand and explore the unknown at this time. What you find out will benefit you and those around you in the long run. Grab the brass ring, every effort you make causes a positive rippling effect now, Cancer.


You need to connect with your past in order to influence your future in the best possible light now. Those that have been on the back burner will now become a prominent influence at this time. No hard feelings, just conflicting schedules and overwhelming obstacles have set a distance between you and your loved ones. Now is the time to reconnect. You will feel inner peace with the information you receive, Leo.


You may have shot your mouth off one too many times and this week you may need to pay the piper as a result of your behavior. When all is said and done, would it have been too much to for you to acknowledge the love that was provided for you unconditionally? As you find yourself on the outside looking in, pay close attention to the lesson that has been aligned for you now. This may come in handy in the years to come, Virgo.


Romance is key this week and all eyes are on you. Embrace the fact that you have a lot to offer those within your circle as well as those that admire you from afar. Pay close attention to a certain someone that has been tracking your whereabouts for quite some time now. As you roll into the New Year it will be evident who your friends and allies are, Libra.


You need to rest this week. You have been under the gun with stress and strife the last six months. Take it easy, connect with friends and keep your upcoming holidays simple and stress-free. You are being transformed into a beautiful being of light. Take note with the universe’s gifts that are provided for you now, Scorpio.


Concerns regarding a family member’s health may have you on red alert this week. Pay close attention to the signs that have not been brought to light and follow up from there. Your intuition is running high and you’re in the best place to see the things that others may not be able to see. This could be a life saving event, Sag.


You may be feeling a bit under the weather early on this week. Stress and strife could be creating physical concerns for your long-term health. Take a step back and put your own priorities first, at least for now. There is no reason why you can’t take a timeout at this time. When all is said and done you have the clarity to move on, Capricorn.


Slowly and methodically create your exit plan out of a dead-end situation. No need to blow bells and whistles off and alert the media. You have been treated unfairly for the past six months or longer. The generous Aquarius  has been taken advantage of to the limits. I pity the fool that has played with you in this realm. Karma has dynamic paybacks, Aquarius.


Lucky at work and lucky at love this week. Someone from your past that you have had an eye on magically becomes free from the shackles of an unfulfilling relationship. Go slow and allow this person plenty of time to heal from the disaster that they allowed to become a part of their life. In the end, you will be the hero, Pisces.

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